Starved Rock Summer Wedding

We love shooting at Starved Rock Lodge in Utica, IL. The wedding staff there is fantastic and the weddings always run perfectly regardless of weather. The park provides a beautiful backdrop all year long & we love shooting all over the park. 

This wedding was great and the couple decided to see each other before the ceremony which gave us a little extra time to run out to the ragweed field on the south side of the park. 

Typically, we like to have an hour with the couple (before or after the ceremony) and we had ample time to get lots of different backgrounds. There were so many favorites from this wedding. 

We shoot at Starved Rock a lot since we live so close. The plus side is that we know so many spots and the area so well, but the downside is that we often get in a rut. I feel like this wedding helped to break the rut because we had so much time and we were able to get a little more creative and think outside the box. Sometimes we only have 20 minutes for portraits and if that's the case, we stick to what we know will provide the best results. Every wedding we strive to do a few different/new poses and locations but those take more time and set up so we often stick to 80% what we know and 20% new. I think that's a good things because it ensures brides that they are definitely going to get what they see in our portfolio plus a few new things. I think most wedding photographer stick to this principle. 

We had a great time on this summer wedding day with perfect weather and a happy couple. 

The flowers were gorgeous and were provided by Silver Leaf Florists.