Birdhaven Greenhouse Joliet | Dinolfo's Banquet Homer Glen Illinois Wedding Photography

Billy & Bri had a gorgeous spring wedding this year and we had so much fun with these two super loving, outgoing families. We started at a Holy Cross Catholic Church in Joliet, Illinois (I think is the name). Typically when we arrive, we try to get a few getting ready pictures. We like documenting the day and it's fun to see you hanging out with your family and friends. This produces a few artsy fun shots but mostly candids. I think those are so important. (See our About Wedding page to hear more on our approach.) So I am posting a few extra candid type shots from this wedding. Of course, this isn't your mom & dad or your grandfather, but hopefully you'll get a feel for the type of shots we take when it is your turn and it is your dad tying your tie or your niece twirling and checking out her dress in the mirror. 

After the ceremony and the formal pictures, we headed to Joliet Union StationBirdhaven Greenhouse in Joliet, IL. We took a few pictures with the kids at the train station & headed over to the park. We actually arrived right before they closed the indoor greenhouse and about 15 minutes before another wedding ceremony so they gave us 15 minutes to take a few pictures. So we were hustling! I turned into the mega boss and got everyone positioned and moved rather quickly but we still had fun and pretty soon everyone was back on the party bus! :) 

So we packed up the party bus and headed to Dinolfo's in Homer Glen, Illinois. Since Catholic ceremonies start so early, we had plenty of time in between to take pictures so the newlyweds arrived at the reception in time to greet the guests. This is one of my favorite things, if your timeline allows. The guests are usually so surprised that you are standing there when they walk in and it gives you time to really thank them and visit for a minute. Plus it gives us time to take some candids. Do we take pictures of the room, the tables, the flowers? Yes. But we love getting a chance to capture some candids of your and your family & friends talking. Again, these pictures don't hold sentimental value to you, dear reader, and they aren't going to be framed and hung above the mantle but they are precious when it is your loved one. 

Dinolfo's is gorgeous. We love the windows and the room is just perfect for pictures. I wanted to use these pictures to show examples of how we use black & white in post production. Typically, if there is an image that we change to black & white, there is a similar one in color. We love the classic look of the black and white and the emotion it can really highlight. But classic color will never go out of style either. So this is an small example of how we use both. 

Mary Morris