Lifestyle Newborn Session

I, Mary, recently attended a newborn workshop in Wisconsin and it was awesome. We worked with some beautiful little, sweet, sleepy newborns. The ladies posed the babies and taught us some tricks for getting beautiful newborn studio photos.

It was fun to take these baby pictures, but they just aren't my style. Nor do I have the patience to wait in the blasting heat of a heater for 4 hours to wait for a baby to fall asleep. I really enjoy doing a more lifestyle approach to baby pictures. That basically means that I come to your house and choose a well lit and beautiful corner of a room and take some more interactive photos of mom and dad and baby. 

But the workshop did give me lots of ideas and practice to so some of the baby by themselves. I just can't get them to sleep yet.....

Thankfully I have a several more babies being born in the next month so I can practice with all these beautiful babies.