Mom & Me Mini


It’s almost spring and Mother’s Day is just around the corner. So let’s give mom a chance to get in the picture!


Mom&Me session details:

  • For mothers and children only. I don’t mind adult children and mothers but this is not the time to do full family sessions.

  • The focus will be on individual pictures with mom. I will attempt some group shots (mom with all her kids but I want to spend extra time to let each child get a few moments with just mom)

  • If you are a family with two moms, you are welcome as well but we will be doing pictures with each mom instead of as a group. These are not full family sessions. :)

  • You will get about 10-15 minutes in a colorful location for your pictures. Nature is looking kinda lame still so I am going to do colorful walls and such for the backdrop. I think everyone will receive 15-20 final images as long as kids are receptive to photo time!

  • IF the weather is bad, we will try to have a back up indoor location ready to go. Might not be as colorful though. :)

  • Cost is $100 and is to be paid up front. If you can’t come, you are welcome to gift your spot to someone else but no refunds will be given so please put it on your calendar!

Ottawa - April 14th 3-6pm

Peoria- April 20th 10am-12pm

Cost is $100 and is paid up front.

Please fill out the form below and give me a general time and I will try to get you as close to that time as possible. (slots in 15 minute increments)

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Mary Morris