Morris Country Club Wedding & Reception, Morris, IL || Brad & Katie

I send out a form to my couples a month before the wedding so I can organize family pictures and such and in all the years of doing this NO ONE has filled out the form as if it were a mad lib. Until Katie. 

This girl just cracks me up on another level. She is so funny and so joyful and so full of life. 

I was so excited for this wedding and for her & Brad to start their marriage and to photograph the fun shenanigans that ensued. 

We started at her aunt's house for some getting ready pictures. It happened to be the Saturday of the Starved Rock Marathon so getting to and from the hair salon proved to be trickier than usual. So here's a little behind the scenes info and helpful advice: I had the bridesmaids get dressed and then we put on the robes for a picture. haha! sneaky sneaky. This just helped to speed up the timeline a little bit!

So we headed over to Morris Country Club. The ceremony was going to be outside but it was windy and cold. I'm glad they decided to move it in, as much as the outdoors is beautiful. All everyone remembers from Seth & my wedding was that it was rainy, windy, & cold. But that didn't stop me from taking the girls & guys out for some pictures!

So Katie & Brad wanted to exchange letters without seeing each other but there wasn't a door where we could accomplish this so we just made it work in the hallway. :) It was a sweet moment.

If you know me or you follow our photography on Facebook (please do) you will know that we are not editorial photographers. Meaning we don't post or focus on the pictures of "the stuff". We  have a photojournalistic approach and love grabbing candid shots and really focusing our energy on the people (more on that in a bit). But we do try and take the detail shots. They definitely aren't our bread and butter and I don't post a lot but I loved the details from their wedding. 

Time to get married! Katie had Dad (Coach) & Grandpa walk her down the aisle. While this was totally adorable, the aisle wasn't made wide enough and Grandpa knocked over a couple candles. Thankfully I was at the back and I was able to quickly grab it off the train of the dress and move it. Yikes, it was a scary moment for me and then I had to jump up and grab a shot of Brad's face as Katie approached. Being a wedding photographer means you gotta be QUICK! :)

Like I was saying catching candids is my favorite thing of a wedding day. Little moments and little faces. It is just so fun for me! While to the random person reading my blog, deciding to hire us, I know these pictures aren't going to be meaningful to you. But if this was your nephew, your parents dancing, your friends piled in a golf cart, I know it would be. While most professional photographers can pose a bridal party and take pictures of "the stuff" not everyone focuses on these details and not every photographer gives you these photos. We do. These are very important to us because this is the one day everyone who loves you is in one room. Plus family picture outtakes are hilarious and always my favorite. Especially when Coach gives the best smile at the beer can flying by....

Due to the wind and rain, the golf course was closed so we had the place to ourselves. It was a hoot getting the bridal party out for some pictures. 

So we sent the bridal party back to cocktail hour and stayed for a few of the Mr. & Mrs. "Someone" took off with our cart so I only had one lens, but luckily it was my trusty ole 135 so it worked out juuuuuuuuuust fine. 

Time to party. And party we did. 

Just as they began their first dance as husband & wife, the sun set in the background. I LOVED IT!

Having the bridal party begin the dancing it a great way to 1.get awesome pictures of your friends and 2. teach the crowd how to DOUGIE!

I often tell people that we don't pack up our cameras and leave at an exact time and that if our time is up but something is happening we just stay and make sure to get it. I had already said goodbye to Brad & Katie and we had our gear in our bags to go when Katie got Grandpa out on the dance floor. Quickly (again) I grabbed my camera out and got a couple more pictures of this and I am so glad I saw it. 

And so to sweet, Katie & her Brad, thank you for choosing us. I am so glad you did. You were a delight and I am so excited for your future visits back to Ottawa with a gaggle of blonde babies for me to photograph. We loved working with you and your amazing family!

And thanks to Boomin DJ for quite a party!!