St. Katherine Drexel Sugar Grove Wedding Photographer

I know I need to spend this off season catching up on posting our amazing weddings this year. I have been posting on Facebook! But in attempts to form a new habit, I am posting a preview here. It's smaller than usual (but still 50 pictures!) but still gives you a feel for our snowy, wintery wedding in Sugar Grove, IL. 

If you are going to have a winter wedding, you gotta hope for snow. It makes the pictures magical  and even just the feel of the day is cozy and fun. I mean, cozy and fun when you AREN'T outside standing in the 25 degree snow to GET those magical pictures. We had such a great day with Jerry & Michelle and their awesome crew who took a swig and got right off that bus and into the snow for pictures. I was so impressed that they all tried to just have fun and smile without complaining about the weather. 

I met the gals at her house to grab a few of the final getting ready shots. They have a beautiful home and it was fun to be there while Michelle got ready. 

Seth met the guys at the church. 

St. Katherine Drexel Church in Sugar Grove, IL, is a GORGEOUS church. Oh my goodness. So much light and beauty. I wish we had more time and could have done a few more pictures there! How often do you hear THAT from a photographer? (I know I know. I'm guilty of complaining about the catholic red carpet far too much!) But this church was amazing. On top of that, Jerry & Michelle did a few of my favorite things: 1. leaning in to whisper during the readings 2. smiling at each other and 3. hugging after the first kiss.

So we did a couple in the church and then headed to the country club (with special VIP access) for some pictures. 

We had some downtime after pictures and Seth & I were able to capture lots of candids of everyone at cocktail hour and then we headed into the reception at the Chicago Northwest Westin for the celebration. We were working with a new DJ, Limelight Music Services, and MAN! Was I impressed!! He was a super sweet guy and did a great job! I am so glad we met him this weekend, since we print our wedding guide on Monday! He is definitely making our vendor list. Check him out! Great job! 

I've said it before and I'll say it again, if you want people to dance at your wedding, you gotta dance!! These guys were so much fun and we had a blast in the snow with them! We wish them many happy years together!!