Wedding Tip Wednesday

Recently Seth & I were somewhere and Brown Eyed Girl came on and someone looked at us and said, "Oh my gosh, I haven't heard this song in forever." To which I responded, "I haven't heard it since last Saturday." Since we attend roughly 30 weddings a year and we see the ins and outs of what makes a wedding timeline run seamlessly, I decided to start posting helpful hints for you brides and grooms out there. I mostly post them to our facebook page

But I am going to try to remember to add them here too.



Be the fun couple in the bridal party. Think of a creative entrance and give the crowd a laugh. Don't just come in a wave. You can do better than that. I have seen some great ones, so if you really need an idea, give me a call. Last time I was a bridesmaid, my guy & I came in doing the Bluth Chickens. :) 

More people are opting for a media free ceremony and we love this! Most times people don't stand in our way or anything, but sometimes this happens.....look at the big orange spot on her dress from someone's camera trying to focus. Thankfully we have 6 kiss pictures before this person busted out their camera but if this had been the only one or the only one with the flowergirl covering her eyes, that would be too bad. Having the officiant ask people to enjoy the moment and not take pictures during the ceremony is a great way to allow us to really do our job and to allow your friends and family to live in the moment. 


Christmas Lights. Use them! (Btw-this totally makes me think, Moving Buddy. Don't have one? Get one. -Woody)


Make time to have a moment with your parents. Even if you don't photograph it or if it's in an ugly church basement. Make time for them. Even though it's your day, it's easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle. Take a moment to just be with them. When you become a parent, you'll be begging your kids to read this post. :) 

And if you follow our facebook page, you'll be able to see all my helpful hints. Some more helpful than others. Take what works for you and leave the rest. Or just hire us to be your photographers and then we'll handle the details. Thanks for reading!