Winter Wedding

Oh winter at Starved Rock State Park. It is a glorious thing and provides for the most beautiful wedding backdrop. The rustic lodge and glowing fireplace are so cozy for a wedding and if you are brave enough to head outside, you may just get some sun and snow. And gorgeous flowers. Flowers Plus in Streator does an outstanding job every time! 

Greg & Elizabeth had a gorgeous January wedding at the lodge. Before heading out for a few pictures, Liz decided to have a special moment with her dad. It was so sweet and then I told mom to get in there too and these 3 just had a special bond. It was so evident. So then we all wiped our eyes and got Greg in there for another joyful moment. 

So we headed out for some pictures. I love when we get the real life moments of people smiling and laughing....

So we did a few on the back porch outside the lodge and then headed for a quick hike and a stop by the field. 

If you choose to do a first look and pictures before the ceremony, we usually do that first. I like this because we can really steal you away from everyone and allow you to just be together before the hustle and bustle really starts. Usually we go grab the bridal party after we have done the portraits. In this case, we grabbed the kids and the sisters. 

And now it's time to get married!

Look above at the flowergirl who just can't watch Dad & Liz K-I-S-S-I-N-G. I didn't notice that in real time but saw it that night as I was uploading the pictures from the cards. I love it. 

If you can afford a videographer, of course, I highly recommend it. (Email me for a list of my favorites.) But especially because, while I can capture everyone's look for the speeches, I don't know what they said and I think it's nice to have a recording of the speeches. So if you can't hire a videographer, delegate someone to video the speeches!  

I love taking candids of everyone's faces during the speeches and Seth takes the wide view of everyone. TEAMWORK. And now we are to the dancing and can I just say, I LOVE CHRISTMAS LIGHTS! Why don't we have christmas lights up all year long. There were these christmas trees in the back corner that provided such a cool backdrop for my close ups while Seth shot caddy-corner from me with a 50mm lens to get the full shot. Again, teamwork, baby. Our DJ was Joe Beck who is one our favorites. (Again, email me for a list if you are looking for an awesome DJ.)

I like these friend pictures (above). The cocktail hour and the reception are great times to grab your friends or co-workers for quick informal shots. We try to always ask if there are any pictures you want during that time. I love these ones. 

And these two were having a little moment together which was so sweet. But they caught me snapping a candid so we got a nice one too. :) 

Ok it's so late and I went a little overboard posting pictures. Oh well. I just love all the pictures and I love showing you what you get when you hire us. Even though these aren't your parents, it's nice to know we'll be there to capture the sweet moments throughout your wedding day. 

So give me a shout if you are looking for a photographer or if you are waiting for the Sloniger pictures, they should be done next week! 

Remember we shoot at Starved Rock (a lot) but we also travel all over the Chicagoland area without any travel fees so if you are getting married in the city or even just need family pictures, give us a shout!