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  • 2 PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR THE WEDDING DAY {starting from getting dressed and staying through an hour of party & dancing time. Typically 7-8 hours but we will make a custom timeline for your day}


  • FINAL, EDITED DIGITAL FILES WITH PERMISSION TO PRINT {Images will be loaded into an online gallery for you to download original size files. You can print, post, share with family & friends, and use them for life!}


  • ENGAGEMENT SESSION {One hour session with images in a gallery to download and use as you like}

Included at no extra cost:

  • Mary's mad bustling skillz -- yeah with z. 
  • Seth's 6'5" height to light tall candles and reach stuff
  • Fun games and activities to get even the least photogenic person to smile and keep photo time FUN!
  •  Organized and efficient portraits with wedding party and family wrangling from our years of experience directing even the drunkest of groomsmen and crankiest of flowergirls
  • Access to private Facebook group with tips, ideas, sample timelines, & vendor recommendations 
  • A beer. Is that legal? Can we buy you a beer? Wedding planning is exhausting. You need a beer. Or margarita. OR BOTH. :)




We truly want you to have the BEST.DAY.EVER. We work really hard to not only capture all the memories of the day, but to keep things running smoothly and everyone having fun.  For example I saw this groom (above) dancing while holding his jacket so I asked to take the jacket and put it on his chair. I have switched shoes with a bridesmaid who forgot hers. I have sewn, glued, taped, and pinned more wardrobe malfunctions then I can type. We work to ensure your wedding is perfect and the pictures capture the fun and love that surrounds you on that day. We want you to have beautiful pictures, but even more, we want you to remember the day being stress free and fun! Every wedding we are complimented about how fun the picture time is and how organized and smoothly it runs. That is HUGE to us because we work really hard to get genuine emotion from everyone by eliminating stress and chaos enabling us to see everyone's joy and excitement for the day. 



Our goal is to document your day as it happens. We are your little paparazzi and besties for the day. We aim to capture the relationship between you and your new spouse but also with your parents, friends, and everyone who gathers to celebrate your marriage. I love seeing shots like this ring bearer with his grandpa (above), or your brother dancing with his daughter, or even your college friends busting out their signature dance to "BYE BYE BYE". (That happens.) While we will take pictures of the shoes and flowers, our goal is to freeze a moment in time with the people you love the most. We love seeing moments that you didn't even see at the time. One groom, when looking through the pictures with his wife, said, "I don't remember them even taking this many pictures. Those two are straight up ninjas." And we think that sums it up: 

Seth Morris Photography :: STRAIGHT UP NINJAS

engagement picture collage.jpg

Having an engagement session serves many purposes but ultimately, it is just capturing a moment in your life: an important stage where you plan a marriage & dream of the life ahead. Seth and I didn't have an engagement session, but instead opted for his mom to take THIS  picture of us in matching american eagle flannels in the living room. BUT STILL looking at that sepia picture makes me nostalgic for that time when we were young, stupid, & obsessed with each other and truly had no idea what we were doing.

Engagement sessions are fun and laid back. I know, I know. Your fiancé doesn’t like to take pictures. This is true of just about everybody. Look through our facebook page. These aren't special, picture-loving people. They are just like you, but they had fun. So it won’t be THAT BAD. We try to keep it relaxed & not over pose you. I will shout instructions on how to stand & where to look, but ultimately you will interact with each other and that's the picture we want. We will do some traditional “looking at the camera” & some looking at each other or playing silly games as we wander around a cool location.

We have so many neat, unique places we like for engagement sessions so we can brainstorm some spots depending on the feel you want for your pictures. The included engagement session must take place close to our house otherwise we do charge a small fee to cover parking or an extra hour or two of a babysitter. The session typically lasts about an hour & if you want to change clothes, that's fine. An engagement session is a great time to get some pictures together, get to know us, and get a glimpse into how the posed picture time will be on your wedding day.

If you don’t need an engagement session, you will receive a $200 Album Credit.


Added at time of booking: 10x10 {20 page} - $350 // 12x12 20 page - $400 

Added at final payment: 10x10 {20 page} - $450 // 12x12 20 page - $500

Added after wedding-Inquire for current prices. 



I know it's expensive and we hope that you will feel, like so many of our previous clients, that we were worth it. {Please read our reviews on facebook as that is where we ask for feedback.} This is our only gig. We are full time professional photographers, which honestly, doesn't mean that much. Anyone can make a website, buy a camera and slap on that statement. But we are members of the Professional Photographers of America & the Marriage Equality Alliance. We have high end nikon gear (and backups) as well as full coverage equipment and liability insurance. We have a network of amazing photographers with whom we all work together to back up each other in case of emergency. We have 10+ years of experience. Are we perfect? No. But we are experienced and we will try our damnedest to give you the best day with beautiful images for you to cherish for life. In 30 years as you look back through the pictures with your kids as they plan their wedding, I hope you relive the day and fall in love a little more remembering how you felt at the start of your marriage. Photographs are powerful in that way and we want to provide you that look back in time. So Let's talk....


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