All family, engagement, and baby sessions are $450 and include about an hour of time and an online gallery of the final, edited images with high resolution downloads and permission to post, print, and use as you like. Typically a session yields about 100+ images for you.


Portrait sessions have become more important to us as we get older and grow our family. Capturing each stage of life with our kids enables us to cherish memories of them and remember their little personalities as they develop and grow.

We have three children, Judah, Claire, & Jules, who are the most beautiful, blue eyed, easygoing children.  We love spending time with them and watching them grow and learn independence. Having children has furthered our passion as portrait photographers since we love capturing every milestone so we can look back for years to come. We really think family portraits are essential and so we try to keep them affordable for every family to get once a year. We know how fast kids grow and how short life truly can be and know it’s important to capture a moment in time. Our goal in a portrait session isn’t to show a perfect family, but to show who you are at this moment which is why we have fun, play together, run a race, blow bubbles, and maybe I will make you dance to Justin Bieber in the park with your teenagers. Typically I, Mary, will tag along and give instructions and act like a fool to get everyone to smile, while Seth takes the pictures. We have a couple tricks up our sleeves but ultimately we want you to just have fun with your family. 

Our portrait sessions are usually about 45-60 minutes but it really depends on the ages of everyone involved. We take several different poses of everyone and then do different groupings as well as individuals. We try to keep it light and fun and wander around a park or nature location. We accept sessions Monday-Thursday and Saturday/Sunday when we don't have weddings. We will only travel for portrait sessions on weeknights during the busy season. We do not take Friday sessions except under special circumstances. 


$300 We don't travel for seniors so the session must take place within 30 minutes of Ottawa. 


A baby session is actually two smaller sessions for the same price. It includes either a maternity mini session or a mini 6 month session. The mini session will take place near us and the baby session will take place in your home within a month of baby coming home.  


Too often I hear women use excuses about their appearance to keep them from being in the pictures. I have to challenge myself to be IN the picture a lot of the time, too. But when I look back at pictures of me as a kid with my parents and my dad has these ridiculous short shorts and my mom has an outrageous perm and some not-so-flattering mom jeans, I don't care. It makes me remember that time we went to the beach. It is just my mom. We were together. I really encourage you to put aside your insecurities about yourself and get pictures with your kids at every age. They will love having them to look back and remember your relationship with them. They aren't going to critique your wrinkles or fluffy middle but they will just see their beautiful mom and remember how you made them feel. And yes, ok, if your mom jeans come up to your waist and are tucked into a denim shirt, they may make a comment or write on their website someday. Sorry, Mom.



If your child is having an off day & we don't feel the picture are up to par, we will offer a retake session in Ottawa & coordinate with you to schedule a time. 

All sessions require a 50% non - refundable deposit to book a spot on the calendar. $50 goes directly into our family fund. (See below) The remainder is due at the session.



The Family Fund

Seth & I waited 7 years into marriage to have kids, but once we were ready, boom, out popped 3 beautiful, blue eyed babies. We were thrilled and truly felt our purpose on earth fulfilled. But as we get older, we see and hear more and more stories for families who don't get their family as easily as we did. We know their heartache and we love and support them as best we can. We donate to their fundraisers and we offer free adoption profile photos to our couples. 
But I started to ask myself, what else could I do? For every person who has let me in to hear their story, I know there is another suffering quietly and hoping this month will be the one. 
So starting now, Seth and I are going to put a little bit from each family shoot into a family fund. When the fund reaches $500, we will give it freely to one our couples who is facing fertility/adoption/IVF costs. I know it's a drop in the bucket of what they need to cover the expenses, but we are hoping that it provides 1. A BABY! and 2. for them to feel supported and loved while they wait. 
We'd love to capture your pictures this year and now you can know that part of your session fee will go into the fund so another loving couple will feel the same joy you feel when you hold your baby. 



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