LGBTQ Weddings & Engagements

Seth & I want to make it very clear that we are supportive of love & marriage for the LGBTQ community and strive to be allies to our friends & clients. 

I have had many couples ask me if "it is ok to shoot" their wedding. I am heartbroken that in this day and age that you even have to ask so we decided to dedicate a page on our website so you know for sure, YES! We are so excited that marriage equality has come to pass and we would love to work with you to celebrate your love and commitment. (We also only recommend vendors who are inclusive with their services.)

Your love is worth celebrating and you deserve beautiful photographs to remember your engagement & wedding and we would be honored to provide that service to you. 

Seth Morris Photography is a happy partner with Equally Wed. I love this disclosure they have posted on their site (please check it out!) so I am going to copy and paste because I couldn't say it better: 

*You may wonder why we use terms such as lesbian wedding, gay wedding, queer wedding, trans wedding, marriage equality and gay marriage. We really don’t want to label our own weddings. It’s just a wedding!!! Love is love! We’re equal to our straight friends. However, if you consider the population of heterosexuals in the world versus the LGBTQ community, there’s quite a lot more of them than there are of us. Which means that in the Internet world, we’re a speck in the enormous wedding world. Which is fine. We love our speck. There’s glitter and fabulous cocktails and music on our speck. Now that we have federal marriage recognition in the United States (hooray! Marriage equality!), traditional wedding media outlets such as Martha Stewart WeddingsThe KnotStyle Me Pretty, etc. are covering same-sex weddings in their own heteronormative but sweet ways—and they are using some of these search terms. And guess what, our community also is using terms such as gay marriage, lesbian weddings, gay weddings, two brides, two grooms when planning their weddings online. So if our community is actually going to find the resource that is going to help them plan their wedding with tailored language, knowledge and professional expertise truly geared toward them, Equally Wed is prepared to strategically use overt marketing tools of engagement.Q