Starved Rock Photography


Starved Rock is a gorgeous backdrop for wedding & engagement photos!

As you start to follow us on social media, you’ll see a trend that we shoot at Starved Rock frequently. We love it there, but it helps that we live about 4 miles away. The park provides a beautiful backdrop for photos year round (as you’ll see on this page). The lodge is nestled in a grove of evergreens that keep their beautiful green branches year round so it looks so cozy in the winter. The sunflower and wildflower fields bloom in the summer. There are beautiful waterfalls & bluebells in the spring and an abundance of color everywhere in the fall. And maybe, if you are lucky, you’ll get a picture with an ice fall in the winter. There are several flat trails that are suitable for a wedding party and we love adventurous couples who are wanting to go out in the park for pictures. Of course, even around the lodge is beautiful with the log cabins and the trail bridge. No matter what, we will choose picturesque locations and have fun with you for your photos!

Ceremony at the lodge

The lodge is a beautiful spot for a wedding. Outdoor weddings at the sunrise shelter are under a group of trees which make for a lovely secluded spot in the state park. If the weather isn’t ideal for outdoors, the ceremony is held in the great hall by the fireplace. It’s so cozy and feels intimate for you two and your loved ones.



Party Time

After dinner, your family & friends will move into the Starved Rock room to dance & celebrate your new life together!

You can get beautiful draping hung from Suez Linens and uprights from your DJ (especially Guys on the Radio)!! We love seeing the ways everyone decorates the room and adds to the fun, but mostly we love seeing everyone dancing and having fun with you!

Year round the Starved Rock area provides a beautiful location for photos. It is essential that you hire a local photographer who knows the area. Every year out of town photographers call me because they don’t know where to go. We can provide guidance to our clients on their wedding day or at their engagement session, even during inclement weather. We have shot in the heat & humidity of midwest summer, the rain of the fall, the snow and ice in the winter, and the mud of the spring. We have spots throughout the park that we know will work and will be accessible. Give us a shout on the contact page and we’d love to work with you!