Starved Rock & chicagoland wedding & Portrait Photographers:: seth & Mary 




SETH {The talent}

Seth loves music.  Instrumental post rock music and a variety of screaming music that Mary hates.  He played in a band throughout high school whose dodgeball music video, featuring a dyed black haired Seth, is still hilarious. He loves tattoos and is constantly planning his next one. He has always had an eye for photography & loved his black and white film class in college. Still one of his favorite pictures, he took for that class on the beach shortly after he & Mary met. He loves photography and has an artistic personality but needed a kick in the pants to turn it into a career. Enter...

MARY {The go-getter}

Mary is the first born with the personality to match. Growing up, she ran the show, whether it was in the yard with her brother, leading the marching band or as the captain of the softball & volleyball teams. She loves sports and competitions of all shapes and sizes.  When Seth told her he wanted to be a photographer long ago on that beach, she made it happen.
Together they are the perfect team.
She'll tell you where to stand and he'll take a gorgeous picture.

When they aren't out photographing their good looking, awesome clients, they are likely playing tennis, hanging outside with their kids, cooking dinner together, rearranging their furniture or Mary is asking Seth how to spell something.


Seth & Mary were married in 2005 in Dekalb & lived in Ottawa, Illinois before moving to Peoria where they began their photography business. After their son was born in 2012, they decided to move back to Seth's hometown, closer to family, and continue their business serving Chicagoland, Starved Rock, & central IL.  They have three beautiful children and found a new respect for family pictures as they watch their children grow. Our family motto is, "When we have each other, we have everything." The family dynamic is so important to us and why we give our wedding clients a lifetime discount on family portrait sessions. We love seeing their families grow and capturing them through the stages of life. 

I don’t even remember them taking this many pictures. Those two are straight up ninjas.
— -Mike Williams, groom 2010