The Family Fund {starting spring 2017}


the idea...

Seth & I waited 7 years into marriage to have kids, but once we were ready, boom, out popped 3 beautiful, blue eyed babies for us. We were thrilled and truly felt our purpose on earth fulfilled. But as we get older, we see and hear more and more stories for families who don't get their family as easily as we did. We know their heartache and we love and support them as best we can. We donate to their fundraisers and we offer free adoption profile photos to our couples. 

But I started to ask myself, what else could I do? For every person who has let me in to hear their story, I know there is another suffering quietly and hoping this month will be the one. 

So starting now, Seth and I are going to put a little bit from each family shoot into a family fund. When the fund reaches $500, we will give it freely to one our couples who is facing infertility/adoption/IVF costs. I know it's a drop in the bucket of what they need to cover the expenses, but we are hoping that it provides 1. A BABY! and 2. for them to feel supported and loved while they wait. 

We are starting the fund with our Mother's Day MOM & ME mini sessions. And we will continue to add to the fund as we take family pictures throughout the year. 

We'd love to capture your pictures this year and now you can know that part of your session fee will go into the fund so another loving couple will feel the same joy you feel when you hold your baby.