Our Vision

You have 15 minutes to get out of your house forever. What do you grab?


Chances are you are going to grab photos. Albums. Harddrives. Frames. Printed memories. We don't take lightly our job of capturing your life, your family, your experiences because we know this is what you are going to cherish for life. 

It's more than just posing a beautiful picture with a pretty background. Lots of people can do that. It's about pulling out emotion and who you are right now. It's about seeing your interaction with your fiancé, your parent, your child and documenting it so when you look back you feel loved. 


Seth & I are "shoot & share" photographers. This means that we place a high emphasis on making sure our clients receive the final, edited, full resolution digital files for their personal use. That means, instead of paying a smaller fee up front and then purchasing prints for marked up price, the fee you pay for our services includes all the final images that you can then print and post to your heart's content. Although every session is different, I can give you a general idea of the number of final images you'll receive or send you a link to a full gallery if you are interested. 

You are able to purchase prints from our professional lab through your gallery at an affordable price, but you can also print them at a place of your choosing. If you find a great deal on a canvas, you are able to upload the files directly from your computer. 

Seth & I choose to operate our business this way because this is how we would want to be treated as a patron. We would rather own all the pictures than trying to narrow down our favorite image for an 8x10 $100 print to purchase. We also hope that this encourages our clients to print pictures for everyone, post them online & sing our praises so we continue to gain new clients! 

We will load your final images into a gallery and you can download them and share them with your family and friends. But we really encourage you to print your favorites! Hang them on the wall or put them on your desk. Don't let them sit on the computer. 

We charge you upfront for our time, our expertise, & our experience using our expensive, insured equipment but then the pictures are yours....for life!


Mary & Seth Morris

Our goal is to capture who you are right here and right now showcasing your relationship as it is. 

Our goal is to capture who you are right here and right now showcasing your relationship as it is.