Fall Wedding Glory

Well, it’s been a hot minute since I’ve blogged. Even squarespace shamed me when I logged in again. But I’m back and I’m going to blog everything from this year just out of order and after everyone has already seen their pictures but oh well. My priority was getting everyone’s gallery out for them!

But here we are with another wedding from some of our faithful clients and I am excited to share these photos. Brad emailed me that his cousins, The Libman boys, had told him we were the best and they would never steer him wrong, so could we come to Wisconsin for his fall wedding and my response was , Hell yes! We’d go anywhere for a Libman wedding.

We truly love this family and Taylor’s family fits with the Kaput/Libmans so well because they are so sweet and affectionate and loving as well. You’ll soon see why we’d go any distance to photograph and just even be around these people.

So we start with getting ready. Seth met the guys at the armory and I met the ladies at the hotel. It was just a relaxed fun time prepping for the day.

So then we went to the Rotary Botanical Gardens for a few pictures of Taylor & Brad before the ceremony. It was a chilly fall day but the gardens were beautiful. I love the affection between these two. It was such a joyful day for them to finally be at their wedding day. I love Taylor’s face as she turned to see Brad as her groom.

I just want you to look at the hand placement here. After the first look, I just let them have a second together without me shouting instructions and just talk. It’s fun to watch a couple interact, and even more when I see things like this. I love how he reached out to touch her arm. Watch the hand. The hands show the love.

Also I am not a perfectionist. I do fluff the train and try my best to make sure every hair is in place and such but sometimes I feel like overdoing it brings more focus on the picture taking to the subject verses me wanting them to forget that we are there and interact with each other. so I fluffed the train and then just let Taylor move a little bit, but is it just me or does it look like heart?!?!! I actually like it so much more how it is.

Time to get married. I love this first picture Seth caught as he was waiting at the front.

Since they had already seen each other, I can hang back with the bride and her dad for a bit longer and I love getting the moments between them.

I love seeing ways to incorporate loved ones who are only with us in spirit for big moments, like weddings. I think this sign may be my favorite. I think it’s important to acknowledge those emotions and a beautiful tribute to Brad’s mom and a few others.

Seth usually follows the couple after the recessional and I love the candids he captures in doing that especially when you are outside and have lots of space. These are the moment we know you will love to look back and see.

A few picture with the wedding party, interspersed with chugging wine to keep warm and we went to the bar for a pint.

Back to the Armory for the reception to celebrate Brad & Taylor! Why do I love the pictures of couples kissing with frosting on their face? IDK but I totally do.

I love close knit families. Probably because I am super close with my brother. I was his Best Maid and he was my Man of Honor. I love our bond and so I love seeing that in other families. I loved watching Brad’s sisters (who were FREEZING) jump into get a picture with him when I called their name. I loved watching Taylor and her siblings squeeze together for a sib shot. I love how helpful and sweet Brad’s cousins were the entire day doing anything to make his day amazing. And then to watch Taylor’s sister give a beautiful speech and then they all hugged. Every day I stress to my kids how important it is to get along and love each other and that’s because I want my kid to have a life surrounded and supported by people who truly love them and will encourage them and hug them. I want my kids to have pictures like this someday that show how much they mean to each other.

Also can I just give some free advice? DANCE AT WEDDINGS. That’s right. Be the person who drags everyone out on the dance floor. People want to dance but they feel silly or they don’t want to be the first once. Be the Jimmer. Jimmer got right to work as soon as the music started and got everyone out there and danced with everyone and it was awesome.

Also I don’t normally post detail pictures but I really like that one of the flowers so I’m breaking my own rules. I shared WAY too many pictures but I couldn’t help myself. I love all the pictures and am so excited to get this gallery loaded so the Kaput/Libman/Dory families will all be reliving this beautiful day for their Thanksgiving get togethers. (And of course, talking about how awesome we are). Thanks for being yourselves and loving each other so we could be there to capture it. It was our honor to be invited to participate in another wedding with this awesome family! We truly love you all!!

Mary Morris