Mike & Chelsea

Another day another wedding at Starved Rock but this one was extra special for two reasons: 1. Chelsea works for Starved Rock and we know her since we are alllllllways there and 2. the groom didn't want to see the bride until the ceremony. We hadn't done that in awhile but it is always fun. 

So we started with some getting ready photos and then the girls around the lodge. Going hiking in the park is fun but it's a lot of work and if you don't want to do that, the lodge has some beautiful spots!

If the couple doesn't want to see each other, that means I do them each separately as well as individuals with their parents and siblings. Then we just have a few group photos after the ceremony and can focus most of our time on their portraits. We had a really good time with this wedding party too. They were all awesome. Some fun stuff happened with these guys.....

Usually before we had to the ceremony, we can take a few details photos while everyone hides and rests (or has a beer at the bar!!). I loved the flower that Emilie at Flowers Plus in Streator did. The mantle, the bouquet, the centerpieces all looks gorgeous. I really loved the trail mix favors as well. Perfect for Starved Rock!!

Time to get married!! I like having the dad and bride stand back but they had to stand waaaaay back since Mike hadn't seen Chelsea yet. I love dad standing back there holding the train. It was a short and sweet ceremony with a little hiccup which made everyone laugh at the perfect time when they about to start the tears. It was perfect and so sweet. 

A couple group shots. Again, these guys had me laughing so hard and the girls were making chelsea smile so well!!

And then we had 45 minutes for pictures and I think we got done in about 30 and had a few minutes to spare. We have some spots we like to use that are out of the way of hikers. We like to get the couple away from everything and just let them have a few quiet moments together.....with our cameras clicking from behind the bushes......

And then it was time to party. Some cake, some awesome toasts, some amazing dinner and we were off to the races. Guys on the Radio had awesome uplights which I love for pictures. They really make things pop! 

Congrats to Mike & Chelsea and their families! What a perfect June wedding! We had a great time and look forward to being photographers turned friends. :)