Sean & Ryan :: Chicago Wedding

I have been anxiously waiting for Seth to finish up editing the last few photos from this wedding so I could post and I’m taking my Saturday off to write this blog. I’M THAT EXCITED. :)

We don’t take a ton of Chicago weddings. We don’t live in the city and we aren’t used to it taking 20 minutes to go a mile and having to pay for parking. But Chicago weddings are really fun to shoot. The city provides a beautiful backdrop but also an energy and lively feeling that you just don’t get anywhere else. Sean & Ryan are that type of couple. They are such giving and generous people. They love deeply and genuinely. Not just each other (which they totally do) but they love their crew deeply and genuinely. Hell, I would even say they love US that way. They both went out of their way on their own wedding day to thank us and show us their appreciation. Watching them with their friends and family, you can tell they encourage everyone in their lives in a similar way. They have an energy about them and they bring that energy to others. They bring an excitement and joy to the room when they enter. We were thrilled to be their photographers and capture the love they have for each other and the genuine smiles they have when they are with their family and friends.

We took off in the party bus from the hotel to a few downtown spots that Sean had chosen.

It was slick outside but like truly Chicagoans, everyone was still speedily walking (or even jogging) by us and even would yell out a “Congrats!” which I always love hearing. We hit up a couple spots before heading back to the hotel and just off site of the mural were a bunch of laborers who I’m sure thoroughly enjoyed our shouting.

Before the ceremony started, I stood in the back room with the wedding party and the grooms while they waited for guests to be seated. I love the candid moments I can capture in that time. I particularly loved it when everyone had walked down and Sean & Ryan were next, they both chugged their champagne, straightened each other’s bow ties, kissed, and walked hand in hand down the aisle. When they walked through the archway, the room erupted in cheers and claps and it maybe my favorite thing ever. I love seeing people celebrate each other. Sean & Ryan’s good friends, Matt & Travis, were the officiants and they wrote a beautiful and touching ceremony for the men. It had laughs and tears and their vows to each other were so perfect and touching.

As the snow began to fall, Seth took the guys outside for a quick picture in the snow during cocktail hour. I’m so glad he did because I just love the snow!

We headed into the reception for toasts and some dancing.

The men danced together with their moms to a beautiful song called Mother Like Mine. (Even typing out the lyrics is going to get my teary eyed.) There is a line that says, “No one would ever if somebody wanted them….if the world had a mother like mine”. I don’t know if I can even articulate my thoughts and feelings about that except to say, that is the kind of mother I hope to be. I hope to raise my children to be loving and kind and accepting, like Sean & Ryan. I think being accepted and being loved is the key element is raising children to love others. It was a beautiful thing to see their mothers dance with them and celebrate them on their wedding day.

So remember when I said Sean & Ryan were super giving and generous people. I meant it.

Here is one of many examples I could give. Their officiants, Matt & Travis, who were married never had a first dance so Sean & Ryan made space for them to open the dance floor with their own first dance and it was beautiful and sweet and a special moment for all of us. And then the party got lit. (Are the kids still saying that?)

It was our last wedding of 2018 and it was a high for sure. We had so much fun and we truly love this couple and are so excited to hang out and photograph them as they continue their life together. After all, Sean vowed TWO PETS to Ryan so we’ll have to get some updated family pictures as those pets are chosen. :)

We love you both. Thanks for finding each other, sticking together, and then picking us. :)

Mary Morris