Spring Engagement Session

Stephanie & Justin came out to the Starved Rock Lodge Wedding expo in January and met us at our booth and I LOVED them immediately. It was great to hear from them that they decided to book us and we are so thankful for that.

To us, being a part of your wedding is a big deal. We are every where you are on your wedding day. We get to know (and direct) your family. We carry your phone and chapstick. We stitch up your button when it comes loose or fix your bustle when it breaks. We love being there for you at the start of your marriage. And it’s so great that so many of our couples connect with us on a deeper level. That’s why I make silly instagram stories about Seth drinking beer even though he said he wasn’t going to drink beer when he was drunk and “forgot”. Or of our kids or the silly things we do around the house. We want you to feel like you know us and connect with us before you even meet us. Because truly we care about you.

And so when I met Stephanie and Justin for their engagement session at Weber House & Garden in Streator, I was again reminded and thankful for how many amazing people connect with us and trust us to capture their life milestones. I can’t wait for their wedding next year. We are going to have a kick-ass time. :)

Here are some pretty pictures of a beautiful and truly in love couple…..