Starved Rock Waterall

A lot of people ask me if we can do engagement pictures with the waterfalls at Starved Rock. Sure, we can. But I warn you, the reason there is a waterfall means there has been rain which also means....mud. Lots of mud. 

But still people take me up on the offer to hike through the mud for some pictures and honestly, they always are beautiful and worth the effort. It has been super rainy here this week so the waterfalls are flowing in every canyon in Starved Rock but the river flooded limiting parking and the trails are crazy muddy. 

So we opted for Matthiessen State Park just down the road. It was fun to get Nora & Ryan out for a few pictures to capture their engagement. They were cracking me up with their fun loving nature and Ryan being so excited for a picture reward pizza afterwards. I think Seth was wishing he could have Bianchi's pizza as a reward for taking the pictures. :) 

We had only spoken on the phone when they booked us for their wedding so it was really fun to meet in person and get to hang out for a bit. Really looking forward to November at the Barn at Hornbaker Gardens for their wedding!