Winter Weddings

I posted on instagram, "You know who gets married in winter? FARMERS. And you know who knows how to have a good time at a wedding? FARMERS." And boy, was I ever right. We had such a fun time at Clayton & Corrinne's wedding at the Double Tree in Bloomington, Illinois. Faith from Glass Slipper entertainment kept the dancing floor rocking and we had a great time. Seriously the dancing pictures with the uplighting are epic. 

Vendor shoutout: 

DJ & Officiant-Glass Slipper Entertainment || Florist- Frilly Lilly || Cake- Sweet Temptations || Venue-Double Tree

BUT....let's start at the beginning....

Clayton & Corrinne got ready at the hotel with their family and friends and it was fun to capture a few moments of them together. I love having mom and daughter take a few pictures with the dress. I do pose it because usually they are running around trying to get last minute things done. I like to take them away from the crowd for a moment together. 

The ceremony and reception were at the Double Tree and it was COOOOOOOLD. So we opted for a first look inside before leaving for Miller Park. There was this ugly generator thing but it was this pretty teal color so I opted for a couple pictures with it for a tight shot with that teal popping out behind them. 

Before we headed out to Miller Park, we grabbed Corrinne's Dad for a first look. The top is Seth's perspective and the bottom is Mary's. :) 

Like I said it was cold and these guys really powered through for pictures. Miller Park is a beautiful spot but it was so windy! So we used the pavilion to block the wind and get some great shots of everyone. I love how the red just pops out!

So back to the Double Tree. (For real, I can only think of Mitch Hedburg's line, "I can't tell you where I am staying, but I can tell you there are two trees involved.") They wanted to enjoy cocktail hour with their guests so we did the family pictures before the ceremony. I don't usually post a lot of these because they just don't showcase our style BUT I think they are important and I like giving you a glimpse into what we do. These took about 30 minutes (some of that time was spent searching for people) but we got a lot of different groupings! 

Time to get hitched!! 

Like I mentioned before, the uplighting was totally kickass. I always love uplighting but it changed with the music and it was totally awesome. I have recommended to couples in the past to skip out on something small, like personalized napkins, in order to have uplighting. It shows in your pictures and gives a feel for the room!

I am always tempted to put a $20 on the garter to get the guys to actually go for it, but these guys didn't even need it. I super love that. Ladies, go for one of those guys. They are always fun! 

The candids at this wedding were totally on point. A couple moments that I am laughing to myself editing! I love catching these moments and showing how much love and excitement and fun was surrounding the day.