Amanda & Leah :: @ Architectural Artifacts by Artifact Events :: Chicago Lesbian Wedding

Going through pictures is always fun for me, but it especially fun for this wedding because I know and love so many of the people. It is hard for me even narrow down a few to post! Amanda & Leah's Chicago wedding was so much fun. It was at a really unique venue downtown and was just about them. Those are my favorite to shoot because they tend to be low stress and allow the couple to focus on each other and their family and friends. This was our first lesbian wedding and I am honored that they chose us to be their photographers even though we hadn't photographed one previously.

Architectural Artifacts has so many amazing places for pictures. It was misting a bit so we stayed inside for the first look. It was fun to see their faces seeing each other and then proceeding to tell each other how hot they looked. Haha! Usually I am far away with a zoom lens so I can't hear what couples say to each other but since we were inside I had to be closer. To be fair, they both did look pretty damn good. 

The bubble lights in the hall were awesome and then a big chandelier hanging under the stairs were just so awesome I couldn't resist a few by them. But then we headed out to the courtyard for some in the natural light.

So then we wandered around in the store to get some picture with some of the crazy stuff in there. We had to be careful not to break anything that cost $125,000. 

Jess was their officiant and was also a smp bride last year which meant I could suggest doing something totally goofy, like a pre-ceremony huddle, and I knew she'd be on board. And I just love me some mama daughter hugs. 

Time to get married. We had the ceremony inside because the Illinois weather was threatening rain, but inside under those lights still looked amazing!

Having the pictures done before the ceremony frees you to mingle during cocktail hour which means you can get some informal group shots like this: 

...and frees us up to get some details shots or stumble upon shots like this: 

Mike & Tyler were just practicing their drinking while their wives were outside....

Leah gave the most heartwarming speech thanking everyone for coming to celebrate their love. I am surprised I got a shot off since I was in tears. And then her mom got the party started with a little tune and I had to post just because Leah's face is priceless.

But then we had a great dinner. The best dinner ever actually. I need to get the name of the caterer. It was fantastic and then it was time to dance and some other stuff....

And so ended the most perfect wedding with some of our favorite friends. We are so glad to know you and be able to be your photographers. Next time you are in town, we'll grab a beer and laugh about Mike & Tyler again and again and again. :P