AJ + JD @ Patrick Haley Mansion, Joliet, IL

We LOVE shooting at the Patrick Haley Mansion in Joliet, IL. It is gorgeous all around. This time we were shooting the wedding of two handsome men. When I met with them at Starbucks, JD mentioned that he wanted to tie AJ's tie. For some reason that stuck with me. Probably because we usually split up for getting ready pictures but I really loved them getting ready together. It was fun and sweet. These two just have a way of putting everyone at ease. It started our time together so well. After the handsome grooms were dressed we took the two of them outside for a lap around the mansion. 

The Mansion is picturesque on about every side so we typically just do a lap around. We started in the front and I love the ivy and the arches. I have tried to post Seth's and Mary's pictures of the same pose so you can see how we get different shots at the same time. Typically I, Mary, shoot with a 135 (which is a zoom prime lens) and Seth shoots with a 50 which is a wider angle portrait lens. 

I really loved that the guys wore white, gold, and black. With this backdrop, it just looked stellar. I really love the ones in the pergola. Seth's pictures are straight on and mine are from the side. 

I love the back gate at the mansion. And just as we were about to head there, AJ says, "Should we do some by the gate?" YES! Great minds think alike!! I took a few through the gate and used the fence.

So that is a small sampling of the grooms portrait time together. This is a small amount of the total number I have for them. I think all in all, it took us about 45 minutes to make our lap. Then it was time to grab our very well dressed attendants. 

When you have a big bridal party, it is super fun, but typically means, we can't hit as many spots. We picked a few spots and did several of everyone and then split up between Seth & I. 

And before you know it, it's time to get married!!

I don't post a lot of family pictures but I do love some family picture outtakes! AJ and that baby just melts my heart. 

They did some Indian Ceremonial traditions which was super cool and then had some awesome, and hilarious toasts where we learned ALOT about AJ as a child....too much. :) But the candids of these moments are some of my favorites. And I HAD to sneak another shot of that adorable baby!!

So the DJ (Who was totally awesome) did the first dance a little differently. He had the guys dance with their moms first and then do their first dance. Slowly he asked the bridal party to come circle the guys, then the family, then everyone. By the end of the song, everyone was on the dance floor and it was awesome. It was terrific for pictures! Plus everyone was totally ready to dance so that helps! Here are a few from the reception party!

This wedding was one for the books and we were so delighted to be the photographers. We seriously had a terrific time and look forward to many years of photoshoots, hair gel, & bow ties with AJ & JD!! You are two of the kindest, caring people we have ever met in our business. We are so thankful to have met you and are so excited for your future together. #lovewins