Chicagoland Wedding

Nathaly and Joe had a GORGEOUS wedding day, surrounded by so much love. 

Vendor Shout Outs:

Hair/Make up: Tamara Makeup & Hair Artistry

Florist: Blue Jane Iris

DJ: Music by Design

Venue: Bloomingdale Golf Club

They each dressed in their homes with their parents and siblings and honestly, I just loved it. It was so sweet to see them with their parents as they prepped to get married. 

We then headed over to Daniel the Prophet Church which is a beautiful church. All those Facebook fans will know that they had the three things I love in a Catholic wedding: a balcony, a bubble exit, and when they lean in to talk to each other. :) 

We did their pictures at Bloomingdale Golf Club. It is beautiful out there. They drove us out to this bridge which was pretty but the lake was big so we had to stand very far away! :) Then Nathaly surprised Joe by taking off the tulle skirt and revealing a different dress! It was awesome and his reaction was priceless! 

The above picture is Joe's brother in law and his little daughter. He was walking with her and having the cutest little conversation and he kept calling her his miracle. It was so sweet. I just grabbed this picture (on the left) and thought, it won't be long till he's walking her down the aisle. I'm such a sap but I always think about my kids on wedding days now. I'm sure 25 years will fly by. :)

Anyway, the newlyweds had a great entrance and we straight to the cake cut and their first dance. 

I am putting these couple photos out because I love to showcase some candids. I love how Joe bent down to chat with his niece and then walked with her back to the table. You can see the videographer moving into get a shot of the cake, which is fine. I like to show these pictures because even if a shot isn't perfect (such as videographer) we still include them because we know you will want them. :) Also, while there is nothing wrong with the videographer going into to get a shot of the cake (and maybe he also caught this moment), I like to illustrate how we tend to focus on the people rather than the stuff. :) There are a ton of awesome, detail/editorial photographer out there, but we aren't one of em. 

And now.....we celebrate. A few lovely toasts and the dancing began. The room looked amazing after dark and I love how the windows reflected in the inside uplighting.