LGBTQ Wedding

It is fun to blog this wedding because I feel transported back in time to this gorgeous day. There was a special excitement in the air for these two college sweethearts to tie the knot AND move back to the midwest. I could feel the joy and happiness from their families and it was fun to play a small role in their day. We were thrilled to be their photographers. 

Tracey & Laura had their wedding at Starved Rock Lodge in Utica, IL (Oglesby technically I think). Here is a little vendor shout out:

Flowers- The Flower Bar

DJ- Get up and Dance

Cake- Mo @ Starved Rock 

Officiant-Hmmm, I don't remember. I'll find out! :) 

We began with getting ready photos. I, Mary went with Laura and Seth went with Tracey. What's funny is we didn't plan the reading letters photo or the pinning corsage photos but I love that we took them opposite ways so as I put them in a collage they were facing. It's the little things that thrill me. haha. 

We did a first look for the ladies on the patio before we headed out for a little hike. I like the first look because you get to spend more of the day together. It doesn't feel as rushed and I think you get time together. But we won't ever force a first look. The couple decides, however, if you want to go out into the park,  you gotta do one at this venue. :) After a nice moment together, we went to Illinois Canyon. The ladies said they liked trees and nature more than the waterfall/canyon look so I like this canyon for that. It's an easy walk and I love the creek and the trees. The sun couldn't decide if it wanted to be out or behind a cloud but it was lovely back on the trail. 

I love playing little games with the couple and the wedding party. It makes it fun, gets everyone laughing and makes their smiles genuine, even with a camera in front of them. :) 

There are a couple weeks when the sunflowers are out at Mattheissen Park and we hit the week. They are in full sun so it's hot at the field in the day so we ran over for a couple pictures and the headed back to the lodge. 

Back at the lodge, we did some family pictures on the patio. I put together a little collage so you can see some of the family pictures we do. This usually takes about 20 minutes since I am organize and what's the nice word for bossy? Oh yea, ASSERTIVE. :0 

They both had their brothers as their men of honor, which I love since I did the same thing with my brother 13 years ago, so we did some hugging shots. :) 

Ok ok ok so I don't usually post a lot of detail shots. We are not detail photographers. It is not our focus. It is not our jam. Do we take those shots? YES. But I don't post a ton of them because I want clients to hire us for what we DO DO. (haha dodo.) Besides making awesome poo jokes, we focus on the people, the candids, the smiling and laughing. BUT this wedding was SO GORGEOUS so I gotta post a couple....

And now, it was time to get married. Tracey & Laura walked together to the ceremony site, which I also LOVE because it's a few minutes when the realness starts to kick in and I love seeing the interaction when that happens. Last kiss as Miss and on to becoming Mrs. 

And then back to the lodge to celebrate and celebrate we did. It was such a fun night as everyone danced the night away. The speeches were so amazing and made me laugh and cry. Tracey's brother made a bar graph of favorite-ness in the eye of the parents and it was hysterical.  I am honestly so glad to have met these two beautiful ladies and be able to celebrate with them as they begin their marriage. They are super sweet, caring and joyful people and we are glad they are back in the midwest so we will get to see them when they are back in IL. :) 

Congrats you two! We could not be more thrilled for you and we wish you a LONG & HAPPY life together! :)