Catholic Wedding at Holy Cross Champaign Illinois

It happens occassionally that I don't meet our bride/groom until the day of the wedding and that was the case with Jacob & Amanda. We walked into Holy Cross Catholic Church in Champaign, IL and saw a tall bearded man and we just knew, this was going to be fun. 

Amanda & Jacob are an awesome couple and we had so much fun with them. They are super down to earth which was great as we were watching the rain forecast all day. Luckily Holy Cross is seriously beautiful and we took at the photos on the grounds or just around the church. 

I just love getting ready photos with parents. It's so nice to see people who genuinely love their parents. It is so sweet and endearing. The ceremony was beautiful and that church, oh man, it is gorgeous. 

We usually do family pictures in the church right after the ceremony. I don't often post too many of those people but Seth took this picture of Grandpa and Amanda while I was setting up the next family picture. I include it here because I like to tell potential clients that we include pictures like this one. Of course, it'd be nice if I wasn't standing right there but photojournalist photographers capture moments as they happen!

Can you tell these two have had some prom experience? They really nailed the prom pose at the front of the church. A must have shot. :) The rain held off long enough for us to wander around for some pictures! Plus how awesome is that red church door!

Here is a good example of one reason why we can move through pictures swiftly. We shoot with different lenses. Seth's in on the left with the 50mm and mine is on the right with the 135. 

Then we headed to the reception in Savoy. You know, I loved seeing both of Jacob & Amanda's parents who really truly loved each other. Amanda's dad got up to give a speech and said, I think I can safely say to Amanda, that your mom and I have known you the longest. It was adorable. 

One last picture....this was cracking me up to watch. The girls kept asking him to take their photo and he kept taking selfies. It was hilarious! We had a blast with this wedding! We don't travel to Champaign too often anymore but we still have a great time. If you know anyone who needs a wedding photographer, give us a shout!

Mary Morris