Metamora Fields Wedding & Reception :: Peoria Wedding Photographer

Spring in the midwest is a crazy thing. It was 80 degrees on this wedding day two weeks ago and this past week it has been rainy and 40 degrees?!?!?!?!  But these two lucked out with a gorgeous day at Metamora Fields Golf Course for their wedding. I DO Events & Create a Scene provided their services for a gorgeous set up and Taylor from So-Chic was the day of planner for a smooth, fun wedding & reception. The Loft Bridal prepped the bride, and wow, did she look stunning! 

So the bride & groom opted for a first look. I never force anyone into a first look but there are some advantages. One, I think, is that you almost always get a better reaction from the groom. We usually stand far back and let them chat for a couple minutes before I intervene and start posing. This gave me a chance to shoot close to the bridge and then run back for a few from behind the bushes. Sneaky, sneaky. 

So then we wandered around the golf course (and a neighboring yard with a blooming pink tree) for some pictures. I like to shoot the bride & groom portraits first to just get them away from everyone and let them focus on each other. Plus it's easier to trespass with just the 4 of us. (KIDDING! Thank you random homeowner for letting us use your tree!!)

Since the golf course is fairly new, the trees aren't very mature, which means-----no shade. It was getting a little toasty so we went on the clubhouse porch for a few. I ended up loving the look with the columns!

After our little shade break it was back out in the sun & time for the bridal party!

Finally it's time to get married! 

I wish I could remember what the wedding planner said to Seth after family pictures. It was something along the lines that she was impressed with how quickly and efficiently we handled the family pictures. Or how fast it went to take so many. And yea, that's how we roll. Though I try to be nice, I will move through family pictures, while singing Twinkle Twinkle, in an efficient manner. But you gotta get one with your mama and you gotta give her some love on your wedding day! 

Off to the reception! Getting pictures done early, means you can relax and enjoy the day!!

And the party was off and rolling. The food was excellent and the atmosphere was awesome. I love at Metamora Fields that you can go out on the balcony and enjoy your drink or you can party on the dance floor with these guys.....I really LOVE seeing the parents dance. Only to be topped by Grandma dancing out there! I also want to say to this groomsman on the bottom left, THANK YOU. You two got the party started and must have read the memo that if you are in the bridal party-YOU MUST DANCE! 

Can we do a balcony sunset picture? Asks Leslie......OF COURSE!

And Thanks to Wes & Leslie for choosing us. We had a great time with your friends and family!!


Mary Morris