Michigan Shores Club

We don't go downtown too often and yet this spring we found ourselves with two chicago weddings in a month!! We don't love the traffic or the crowds or the expense, but damn, Chicago has some beautiful places to shoot! :) 

This wedding took place at St. Francis Xavier in WIlmette. It is a beautiful church and the bride teaches at their school so it was extra special. In fact, some of her students even sang and it was just about the sweetest thing I've ever seen!

The bride dressed at the hotel and the groom dressed/bowled (yeah, it's like that) at the Michigan Shores Club. Charlie from Charlie Hilbrand Films met me to film the girls getting ready and I am so excited to see his video. I was so appreciative of his attitude and I think we made a great team to capture this moment.

At the church, the girls were hanging out in the back room and the windows, while beautiful, gave it a yellow glow. I used this opportunity to get a cool shot of the flowers with the yellow. :) We moved Karen into the hall for her to read her letter and it ended up being the coolest thing. Then Karen took a minute to see her dad and I love when we can make this happen. I like to throw mom in the shot too and give you a few minutes together to breathe in the moment. Then it's time for a special walk down the aisle. 

I mentioned it on Facebook, but Karen's dad was able to be at her wedding and escort her down the aisle because of a generous organ donation. I'm tearing up just writing that. I love that Karen & Rob made sure to make special mention and offer prayers for the donor's grieving family that they would feel comfort and peace knowing they enabled this family to have this oh so special day. Please, random reader, look at your license and make sure you are a donor. And a thank you to those who do donate and their families. It's such a gift. I mean, look at this dad and his only daughter. 

Knowing that the church was special to Karen & Rob, we did a few extra ones around the grounds and I am so glad we did. It is a beautiful place and I know it will be a centerpiece for their life and family as it grows. 

Then down by the lake. Since it was a gorgeous day there were so many people there. (To be fair about 30+of them came on the trolley with us!) but I had to clone out a lot of people. :) We tried to get a few with the lake behind them but because we were so far away it was a little challenging. Thankfully we had this grove of trees so we got some there. All of the picture were taken in about a 10' square. :) 

So I hardly ever post detail photos. Maybe a couple. The dress and shoes usually but not too often. Mainly because I don't want to attract couples who want lots of details pictures. (That's an entire post I need to make.) We focus on the people over the stuff. We just aren't editorial photographers. BUT Michigan Shores Club is freaking gorgeous. So I have a FEW to post here.... don't get used to it. :) 

The toasts were so heartfelt & lovely. And then the first dances. It was pretty packed in the room because so many people love Karen & Rob and I hope they remember how many people came to celebrate them!

I have already posted SO MANY pictures because this day was so full of love so I just couldn't pick out reception dancing photos! But there was lots of dancing and fun to celebrate the newlyweds!

So that's a wrap for Chicago for the spring. I don't think we will be downtown again for a while but it is beautiful and for a couple like this, we'd be up for it! :) Congrats to these families and we hope you enjoy the pictures and remember this beautiful day for years to come!

Vendor shout out:

St. Francis Xavier Church Wilmette

Planner: Anna, Elle Rose Events

Videographer: Charlie Hilbrand Films

Hair/Make Up: Mario Triccoci, Old Orchard

Flowers: Four Finches

Band: High Society Orchestra

Cake: Michigan Shores Club