The Huggenstatters

I love those Facebook quizzes where you answer all kinds of strange trivia about yourself. A lot of them are about who you were as a child or teenager. Often times they ask who have you known the longest. Here is my answer: Leslie. I love that Facebook has kept us connected all these years and that I can see her family and she can still be answers to my questions. 

I love our family session with the Grabs every year. The kids are hilarious and it's so fun to see my old friends. Delilah is really a crack up and she keeps me on my toes. This year, Leslie, decided to go big and fancy so they dolled up and off to the Soderstrom Castle we went. 

It was so fun and the kids were so good with lots of hugging!

Les-I love that we still laugh together and remember all the good times. I'll love you forever. LYLAS, mar

Family sessions are super fun and chill. We just wander around and take lots of pictures. We play some games and sing some songs and just capture your family as they are. I love seeing pictures that totally show their little personalities. They usually last about an hour and they come with a bad day guarantee. Little ones just sometimes have an off day and despite my best paw patrol efforts, they can't be encouraged to be in the pictures. If that happens, we call it and reschedule. It happens to even the best kids. :) So get on the calendar and get in the picture with your family! :) 

Mary Morris