Chicago Engagement Photography Chicago, IL

Seth & I were so excited in June with the decision to legalize gay marriage across the country. We love to celebrate love in all its forms. We have 3 same sex weddings next year and are hoping to continue to shoot ALL couples in love and document their journey. We love marriage and are so glad that #lovewins! 

That being said, we had never taken engagement photos of two men and I was excited to do something new. Each couple is always unique and has their own way of interacting so it really wasn't any different than any other engagement session. But, we did have to pry the hair gel away from JD before we began. :) 

We started down by Lake Michigan right off Lake Shore Dr, where they live in a gorgeous spot. I almost always start with a walking away picture because I think it helps to ease the nerves. Very few people automatically feel comfortable in front of a camera. I think it helps you to forget we are there. Until I start shouting instructions. :) But we did a few with the lake and these cool stairs that weren't super easy to climb for a hot, pregnant lady. 

I loved this spot down by the lake but I also liked that is has significance to the guys because they hang down there or walk their dogs. Those spots are even better for engagement sessions. I love these last ones with the city behind them. 

Casual outfit change and we did a few around the streets by their house. I am not great at outfit advice (which you know if you know me AT ALL) but I do like when you change the outfits. It just gives you a few more pictures to hang up around the house with different colors! 

We had a great time with these guys and are looking forward to an awesome wedding in the spring and capturing their family as it grows.