Galesburg Wedding Photographer, Visions Venue, Galesburg, IL

Although we don't live super close to Galesburg, we shoot there quite often. This was probably our 8th wedding there in a year but we had never been to Visions Venue! The family who owns and runs it is terrific and we have known them for years. They have been in the wedding industry for a long time and we were always recommending Brock's Beats as a superb DJ so we were excited to see them in action in their own space, and they didn't disappoint. 

BUT FIRST, we started at the Lutheran Church. Funny story. I wrote down the address of the church but not the name so we drove up to the intersection and there were TWO CHURCHES. I felt like the scene in Wayne's World when he is breaking up the wedding at the end and he goes to the wrong church. But we quickly figured it out. 

Audrey was already dressed when we arrived so I didn't get to capture this stunning and unique dress prior but I made sure to get a couple close ups of the back. It was so beautiful! I see a lot of wedding dresses but this one is in my top 10 for sure!

After taking pictures in the heat at this little park across the street, (and I mean little) we went back inside for the ceremony. 

It really is a beautiful church.

And after a few epic bubble pictures, we were off to the reception for pictures. 

*I always help to organize the bubble exits. Although you think guests know what to do by this point of years of bubbles, they don't! Make sure to have someone to tell everyone where to stand and most importantly to start the bubbles BEFORE the bride and groom exit. That way there are lots of bubbles in the air. If possible, it helps to have the sun behind you. :) *

Anyway, off to Visions Venue in Galesburg, IL. It is a fairly new venue and while the inside has sweet uplighting and looks awesome, the grounds didn't have a ton of shady spots for us to take pictures and it was too hot to keep everyone in the full sun. There were cars parked in weird spots, 2 huge septic tanks and 2, yes, 2 shirtless men on riding lawn mowers in the background. I say this because we can ALWAYS find a spot for pictures. But this day wasn't super easy to fit an entire bridal party in the shade without something distracting in the background. But we just clicked in between the lawn mowers passes. :) 

Finally, the party began and we had a great time and knew everything would run smoothly with this DJ. They really do a fantastic job of running the reception but also keeping the party music pumping. The uplighting really sets a tone for pictures and we always recommend it. 

Mary Morris