Cornerstone Building Wedding & Reception Peoria Illinois Photography

David has been a friend for a few years as he was a faithful helper when I, Mary, led children's church at Imago Dei Church in Peoria. He was always willing to fill in if someone had to miss a Sunday and the kids adored him because he was so much fun. Soon he left to do a year long mission working with kids in Pennsylvania. We missed him but he had a great time and came home with exciting news! He'd found his future wife! We were thrilled. When they asked Seth & I do be their photographers, we were excited to be there to capture the start of their new adventure. 

It was a beautiful spring (windy) day in Peoria. The cornerstone building is a gorgeous building but is also located in a great spot with awesome backdrops within walking distance. We hit up a few places on this blustery and day and had a great time!

Here are a few of my favorites...

David & Elizabeth chose to have a first look. We don't care if you choose to do this or not. There are pros and cons of each. PROS of first look: calm nerves, be together for more of the day, get pictures done, not leave guests waiting after ceremony, more time (usually), get a few minutes to talk instead of having to stand next to each other quietly. PROS of waiting to the ceremony: tradition & emotion of it, usually better light, usually a bit cooler (here in the midwest), married in pictures, nerves are gone, starts the fun. But again, either way works. Here is their first look I shot from behind a tree. :)

So then we headed into the Cornerstone Building for the ceremony & reception!