Wildlife Prairie Park Peoria Illinois Wedding Photography

Last fall we had a gorgeous day for a wedding at Wildlife Prairie Park in Peoria, Illinois. It actually rained for a bit this day but that didn't get us down! We still had a great time and were able to get outside for a few fun pictures in a ragweed field. Thankfully in Illinois it rarely rains all day so it doesn't usually derail the photos too much. 

I&N were married in a church ceremony at St. John's Lutheran in Bartonville, Illinois. I love this church and it's so beautiful with the stained glass windows. The downside is that the girls get dressed in a very pink 70s tiny bathroom in the basement. Usually when that happens, it makes for a lot of close ups. :) I tend to just take the normal getting ready pictures and then you get to remember cramming into the pink tiled bathroom for the rest of your days. 

This wedding was so great and the reception was so fun. We had so many hilarious pictures from some great dancing to a groomsmen "making it rain" during the dollar dance.