Downtown Chicago Engagement Pictures

So I am trying to catch up on photos and you can tell this because Leah is wearing a dress in these photos and it's 35 degrees and sleeting today. So yea, these were not taken today. But I love this engagement session for our friends, Amanda & Leah, who are getting married this summer. They live in Chicago, so they wanted some pictures downtown to reflect their life together so Seth met them downtown in the morning and they wandered around for some pictures. I loved this first one and I just couldn't decide color or b&w, so you get to see both!

Doing engagement pictures in Chicago is fun because there are so many colorful spots. The rainbow wall was just perfect but we found a lot of great colorful spots. 

When my son saw this next picture he said, Mom, why are those girls kissing? I said, they love each other and he exclaimed, "THEY ARE MISSING THE TRAIN!" I really love that gay or straight doesn't matter to him and that he is growing up accepting and caring for everyone so no one has to miss their train. :)

Anyway, Seth & I are committed to love stories no matter the form. I'm glad we don't even have to use the phrase "gay marriage" any more. #lovewins  We will happily serve same sex couples in engagement and wedding pictures in the Chicagoland, Starved Rock, and Central Illinois area.