Winter Maternity Pictures Starved Rock State Park

Our friends decided to bring their kids up to Grizzly Jack's Resort in Utica, IL for a weekend of indoor swimming fun to break the cabin fever. (If you haven't been there, it's really great! We love it!) When she told me she was coming and asked if I could grab a couple winter maternity pictures, of course, I said I'd be right there!  Sun + Snow + Beautiful Belly = Glory.

It was so fun to catch up with Tracey and I'm so glad she wanted to grab a few pictures. Starting this spring, we are going to include a maternity session with our newborn session. A lot of people opt out of maternity pictures, which is fine, but I didn't have Seth take any during my last pregnancy, and I totally regret it. At the time, I just didn't feel great. But now, looking back, I don't remember the back pains, or the nausea, or the other "lovely" pregnancy side effects but just the little kicks and hiccups and the big belly and the beauty of that little life. I have a blog post in the works about capturing each stage of life, even if you don't post the pictures or give them to anyone, get them for yourself, your spouse, and your future kids. It's so important to just document each stage of life, because honestly, it passes so quickly.

But before I get all teary eyed over here, I present my beautiful friend: Tracey & Co.

So it is pretty chilly today so we did a few with everyone inside and then I took Tracey out for a few. I think I shot for maybe 20 minutes and I have 70 pictures for them. So even in a mini session, you get a lot of pictures! Anyway, if you are having a baby this spring, let me know! We are changing things around about (price wise) but I'd love to chat with you!