Highland Park Community House Wedding & Reception, Highland Park, IL

Seth & I had never been to Highland Park Community House in Highland, IL, but when I looked at it online, I was so excited. It's such a neat venue and has so.much.natural light, our favorite. I love the tall ceiling and the windows lining two walls. It is seriously beautiful. 

Kyle & Erika had a British Pi themed wedding and it was awesome. Not only because Seth & I LOVE Great Britain and were perfectly seated at the Wimbledon table, but because it suited Kyle & Erika so well. I loved all the personal touches they added to their day. 

One downside of this awesome venue is that we didn't have a great spot for getting ready shots. It worked out fine in this tiny bathroom but had to do a lot of close up. Luckily, Erika looked gorgeous nice & close, and didn't mind her mother and I all up in her business. 

Although we had planned to do a first look and some pictures of the bride & groom around the venue, wedding days sometimes have their own timeline in mind. The schedule was a little off and guests were arriving early (waaaaay earlier than I would have anticipated for a 9.26 AM wedding) so the lobby was filled with people 45 minutes ahead of schedule and we couldn't get around too much. They wanted to have a couple minutes together before the ceremony so we stuck them down the stairwell. Literally. I also grabbed Erika's dad so they could have a moment together.

The ceremony is in the living room off the main hall. It is a very small room and it was packed. We had very little room to move around and thankfully we didn't step on anyone's toes. :) 

We had 30 minutes for pictures with the bridal party & bride and groom so I was booking it! 

And onto the entrances, I love the picture I got of Erika & Kyle entering with his mom's beer glass raised in the foreground. It's one of my favorites. 

So after some awesome speeches and some pie, we were onto the dancing and using those lovely windows as background. When going through the pictures, I basically took out maybe 4 of each dance. I loved all the different shots and perspectives that Seth & I took. I used a zoom and he used a prime.

Reception pictures are my jam. I love capturing little candids that you won't blow up and put on your wall, but that just are the people you love. I put them here because, while they probably don't matter to you, dear reader, they matter to this couple and to this family. I want future clients to see what they will have of their friends & family. There is one here of these two dancing that I just think is so sweet and all the gorgeous children at this wedding. For real, I was missing my sweet babes all day looking at these cuties. 

E&K-Thanks so much for picking us and for having such an awesome, unique wedding. We had so much fun!! And for real, if you didn't Facebook stalk us and just randomly chose us to sit at Wimbledon-it was meant to be. Here is one final picture....Seth & I at Wimbledon 2010....(Go Del Potro)


Mary Morris