Mother's Day Mini Sessions

We love photographing families. We have a lifestyle approach and try to keep it fun and relaxed and just capture this moment in time for your family. I love doing mini sessions because it is short enough to keep the kids' attention but you will get a good number of poses and pictures since we move so quickly. We did a handful of sessions in Peoria at the ICC Botanical Gardens. There were two trees blooming in early April so Seth & I took turns with our families in front of those spots!

We did some pictures with this family last year and it was so fun to see S a year older and still just as adorable. I seriously loved shooting through this tree. You'll see it a lot in this series. :) 

Motherhood looks different for different people. My friend, Beth, & her awesome scholarly husband, Ted, are waiting for to adopt their first child & I am anxiously waiting with them for the arrival of their beautiful baby. I loved Beth's ideas to do a maternity shoot for Mother's Day! Maybe next mother's day we'll have a little guy or gal in that red chair!! 

These their bond. I hope Judah & I keep a fun relationship as he grows!

E wasn't super smiley to start off the session, but we won him throwing pine cones. I started throwing pine cones at Dad and suddenly, it was just the most hilarious thing. Sometimes you just have to go with it and act like a fool. Try not to get frustrated if your child is acting out of their normal character. Just keep trying things and eventually you'll be able to break that straight face!

It was great to meet my friend, Tracey's, family. These kids are just so cute!

Both of these sessions show that you are NEVER TOO OLD TO GET PICTURES WITH YOUR MOTHER! Most families get lots of pictures when their kids are little but taper off as they grow and then have so few from themselves as adults with their parents. I really encourage you to get pictures with your parents and grandparents. We do this (second family pictured) family every year and not only do we LOVE seeing them but I love how affectionate and loving they are. It makes our job so easy to capture their relationships. But again, I highly encourage you to get out there and take some pictures with your mom. She'll thank me. 

So how cute is that outside down one on the bench?!??! Leslie pinned it on pinterest but I just thought it was the cutest thing. Throw in those tutus and it is perfect for those girls. I always encourage parents to bring bribes and toys and Leslie brought the ultimate.....a bubble gun. It was great for getting everyone's attention as well as some awesome candids of the kids playing in the bubbles. 


So there you have an overview of our Mother's Day sessions. All of these sessions produce a lot of pictures in under 20 minutes. We work quickly and yet have fun! Get in touch if you'd like to get out this spring and get some pictures! We travel just about anywhere in Illinois. We often shoot family pictures in the Chicagoland Suburbs or down to Peoria as well as in our hometown of Ottawa. No travel fees so give us a buzz!

Mary Morris