Lakeside Engagement Session

Sometimes at weddings, guests will ask us to take their photo with their phone, which is totally fine, but often times we end up taking one with our camera as well. That happened last year:

I remembered Jake because this group of groomsmen was so hilarious and when I dismissed them back to the bus after pictures, they all took off running in tuxedos and it was hilarious. I was so excited when DaNae emailed me. Sadly we already had a wedding on their date, but since Stephanie had decided to work with us shooting as an associate, we are able to work with them for their wedding. So Seth and I shot their engagement session yesterday (whoa-look at me on top of things- just don't look at my messy house and unbathed children) and Stephanie and Jared will shoot their wedding this fall. 

Jake's family owns property right behind where Seth grew up so it was funny to hear them discuss it. It's awesome that they saw the potential of this land and built a beautiful house around a lake that made an awesome backdrop for pictures and will be gorgeous for a wedding. 

Here are a few of my favorites. I went all kinds of hipster with the wood pile, but I just couldn't help myself. :) 

I am so excited for these two and look forward to many photos shoot out at the lake. (and maybe a bbq or two?!?!?! we'll bring beer!) I'm so glad we met them at z&s's wedding and had such a good time. 

It also feels good that when a wedding party who worked with us chooses us for their wedding. I'm glad people like our photos and know that we have fun with it. Stephanie is very similar and has a great personality. Their outdoor fall wedding is going to be beautiful!! 

Mary Morris