Library Engagement Photos :: Peoria Heights, Illinois

I had an email this week from someone who wanted to do a more creative engagement session, like the ones she's seen with balloons and cool chairs and such. And while I am totally for it, I rather incorporate a couple's personality into their shoot. Jeff's family are librarians and Kelly and Jeff both love to read so a bookstore seemed like a perfect fit to start their session. I know you like a book, in Peoria Heights, let us wander around for a bit and even contributed a few fun ideas! 

This is just a quick preview I posted on Facebook but I wanted to share. 

Peoria Heights is a gorgeous spot and there are colors everywhere. It was fun to wander around and get some neat shots and I am excited to cull through the entire session (which I didn't do in my 10 minutes this morning when I was backing up the pictures). I am loving the colors! 

Maybe my all time favorite photographers are in Indiana (Bobbi & Mike-check them out and follow them because they are awesome) and I feel like I channelled my inner Bobbi in these with the colors. :) This last one with the blue wall is my favorite. 

I also want to say that although we try to take fun, artsy, colorful, emotional images...we still have to take one to put in the newspaper. :) Grandma's wall is waiting for a good headshot. So we always have some traditional looking at the camera shots in our sessions. 

More to come of these me. Lots more....

Mary Morris