Maternity Pictures, Peoria Illinois :: Bradley University

Sulama called me to schedule maternity pictures three weeks away from her due date and said she and her husband were new to the area. I suggested a few cool spots that we love and then she mentioned that her husband is one of the new coaches at Bradley. Lightbulb! Let's do the pictures at the campus! It's beautiful and plus, I knew we could do a few cool ones on the basketball court since we had an "in" with the coach. :) 

It was awesome to meet this couple. Jimmy was so excited about Bradley and showing us some of the newer buildings we hadn't seen. They are going to be an awesome addition to the Peoria/Bradley community. It was evident how much he cares for the student athletes and how he wants them to succeed in their academics as well as sports. I used to work at the South Side Mission, which is just down the road from Bradley, and I know first hand how much the south side kids look up to the basketball players. I'm so glad they are going to have such a good role models in these two. 

And as he and Sulama prepare to become coaches off the court, we are super excited for them. Being parents is such a great experience and we wish them the best!

I love shooting at Bradley Hall. It's so beautiful. I loved the colors they choose too. They really pop with the background. Also notice her amazing shoes. Yes, she is 9 months pregnant and rocking those shoes. I'm impressed. I'm 30 weeks and waddled my way around in some toms. :) 

Bradley University also has beautiful landscaping and is a great spot for pictures year round. But summer provides an extra students photobombing. :) 

Of course we had to take a few on the court. Whether their gal decides to play or not, I'm sure she'll grow up with fond memories watching Dad coach and Mom cheer from the sidelines. 

Thanks you two! We are super excited for you and welcome to Central Illinois! 

Mary Morris