Lifestyle Newborn

I had someone call me today about baby pictures. That seems like a simple request but there are so many kinds of baby pictures and styles of photography. We don't have any props or outfits or bows or hats. We take a lifestyle approach which is usually done in your home with the baby within a month of coming home from the hospital. I incorporate the any older siblings as long as best I can (based on age) and then some of just the baby and some with each parent. 

This GORGEOUS family happens to be some of my closest friends so they get to be a model for my blog and it helps that they just had a beautiful baby girl. So, here is a lifestyle newborn session. 

It's really something special to watch your friends become parents and grow their family and it's really special for us to be asked to capture it in photos. We are excited to watch this dark haired beauty and her sweet red headed brother grow! :) 

Mary Morris