Fishermen's Inn Elburn IL

Randomly when we are out and about I will see someplace and think, oh man, I want to shoot there! It is mostly old barns. I love old barns. But I have eyed this spot on 47 near Elburn IL FOR YEARS! Then I found out it was a venue and I was more obsessed. Then I got an email from Joanne and I was so the smitten kitten excited to shoot their wedding at Fisherman's Inn. It is a beautiful venue and bonus, it looks like a barn. Double Win!

So even though it is technically spring, Mother Nature has decided to drag her feet in giving us some spring weather so it was a little cold and windy and the forecast called for snow, but whatev. We decided to just have fun with it and celebrate these two high school sweethearts and their wedding day! 

We started with some getting ready photos. I love that Joanne and Alex worked to incorporate their parents in so much of their day. It was nice that everyone was there and no one was stressed or running around. The venue staff did everything and we could just get ready for the day in peace. 

I try to grab Dad for a moment before we head out to wander around for pictures. I loved that they got to spend a minute together before Joanne went to meet Alex. The stairs at the inn are beautiful and I loved using them for a first look since it was so windy outside. 

Then we went out side and took some pictures of the two of them. I love having this time away from everyone and giving the couple a chance to chat and just be excited for their day. We went to 3 spots and took about 30 minutes to do pictures together. This gives you a look at both Seth and my pictures which are totally different. This also gives you a look at how we pose images. I love the ones of Joanne and Alex laughing. They are so sweet together and truly know each other so well. I loved see their connection and their excitement to be together. 

So then we went back in a warmed up a bit, got a little shot of a liquid coat, and headed back out with the wedding party. These people were so great and so much fun. 

Now it's time to get married!! The ceremony by Reverend Barry was so sweet and personal and will be remembered for their entire lives. Every time they look down at their rings they will remember that they almost didn't have the rings. :) Luckily Alex was close enough to run right out and retrieve them! 

So at this venue they moved everyone up to the dance floor for cocktail hour. We took a few family photos and then headed upstairs. We took some detail pictures and had some water and chilled for a couple minutes. After everyone is up there and has a drink, I try to go into cocktail hour to get a few shots of people mingling or I will walk up and ask if I can get a group shot. I just like having some shots of people who are there. I can't get to everyone but I try to get a few shots like this:

Then we moved into the hall for introductions, cake cutting, toasts and dinner! 

I knew this crowd was going to be fun. The wedding party had already set the bar so high because they came ready to celebrate and when Alex and Joanne got up to thank everyone from coming and said "we'll see you on the dance floor" and everyone cheered, I knew we were in for a party. And it did not disappoint. The dancing room upstairs is beautiful with rafters in the ceilings and big windows. It was a beautiful spot for special dances and party time! 

As photographers we get better and better and continue to learn. We are challenging ourselves to get better at night shots. So we had the perfect opportunity to head outside for a couple shots before we left and I think they are so pretty. 

We really had so much fun with these two. They have a great group of family and friends and the day went perfectly. It was fun to put these beautiful people in this gorgeous setting and let the magic happen for the camera. We hope they look back on the pictures (and the video from Newlywed Cinema) and remember the feeling of being husband and wife for the first time on this wintery spring day at Fisherman's Inn. 

Mary Morris