Patrick Haley Mansion Fall Wedding Joliet Photographer Seth Morris Photography

So if you follow us on Facebook or ig, you may know that we didn't have internet for a couple weeks. That's right. We had no idea what was going on in the world or what our friends were having for dinner! It was a cruel reality especially considering we couldn't post any photos and we have so.many.amazing fall weddings & sessions that we want to post. 

But we have moved and made sure that media com came the same day to set up our internet and we are back in the game.

Here is a gorgeous wedding at the Patrick J Haley Mansion in Joliet which is one of my favorite venues. It is beautiful and we had a great day with Derek & Jess. 

Jess told me she and Derek are big family people and wanted lots of pictures with their family. Those pictures are always a priority to me and I LOVE hearing brides & grooms say that. So this post is dedicated a little more towards showcasing those images. While there are lots of great candids of other things, I'm going to show a few extra of the family type candids that I like to capture. Starting with Dad's first look. 

Since the bride & groom opted not to see each other until the ceremony, we wandered around for some pictures with the gals...

And then with the bride hidden back upstairs, it was then guys' turn. The videographer had the guys "just hanging out" in this first one front of the door (right color photo) and I like how it turned out. Great job! 

Then it was time to get married. Jess hugged all the groomsmen as they walked down to meet Derek and this moment with her brother had me all teary eyed. I'm such a sucker for loving families. (Also sidenote: I need to get the woman's name who sang. HOLY MOLY. She has a beautiful voice.)

Then we did another lap with the new Mr. & Mrs. J. 

A few with the wedding party!

Now it was time to party with this awesome group of family and friends. While there was a lot of awesome dancing shots, I'm focusing on some of the family shots for the purpose of this post. :) 

So since we've been without internet (read: super productive without distraction/facebook) I am actually almooooooooost done with this wedding and ready to send it out to the happy couple.

If you are looking for a photographer in the Joliet or southern Chicagoland suburbs, give us a shout. :) We love heading out that way. 

Thanks to D&J for being so sweet and wonderful and understanding of our crazy life moving and living under a rock in a tiny house with 3 small children and then moving again and setting up a new house. You two are wonderful and we look forward to a life of hotdogs...I mean photo sessions with you. :)