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So let me start by saying I found this new blog software and this is my first attempt with using it so let's see how this goes. 

But I cannot wait to share these photos because I love this woman and her family dearly. This wedding is from last November and the happy couple left for Australia right after the wedding so I actually got their pictures to them right away and then kinda forgot about posting some.....oops. It was a busy fall, ok? 

Anyway, Kristen has been babysitting our kids while we are out taking all your photos and we just love her. The kids get so excited for her to come over that they voluntarily clean up so they have space to "play games with Kristen". Yea, so for real, her moving to Australia is a loss to parents of America! But thankfully she found Daniel and he is just the real deal. He is a super cool guy and you know what, he ADORES her the way she deserves. It was fun to see them interact together. Let me show ya..... here we go: Kristen & Daniel -best day ever....

Kristen dressed at her parents' house and it was so full of emotion and love. I felt special to be there and I was just the photog. I may have teared up a bit along with everyone else. #tears Meanwhile Seth took some getting ready photos of Daniel and then headed to grab a pint. And THAT sums up the difference between guy and girl getting ready photos!  

Time to get married! Being that Kristen is a talented singer, it came as no surprise that their ceremony had lots of beautiful singing. My favorite perhaps was when Daniel's German parents showed off their newly learned English to sing a prayer for them. It was so touching. #moretears

Daniel had one requested photo so I was happy to oblige and I even gave the instructions in German: 

küsse deine Frau

One of my favorite photographers talks about taking a walk around the block. Luckily we had perfect weather (as we almost always do the first week of November) so that's exactly what we did. All these photos were taken within 1 block of the church and reception. 

We took a few with the bridal party and then sent them to the reception. I like to have time with just the couple without distractions so they can really just be together. The bridal party was barely out of the park and these two were in their own little world. And that's exactly what I want. I tell everyone, it's the only time you are alone the entire day. Enjoy just being together. 

So Nordstrom weddings are some of the best. But this one, got me all teary eyed again and again, especially when Daniel's mom sang to him while we watched his baby pictures behind her. #majortearsforthismama For real, it was so beautiful and luckily I got off a couple shots between the tears. I also just love when everyone sings That's What Makes You Beautiful to Kristen's cousin. It's tradition and I love it. We ended up staying until they left since we were basically hanging out and dancing with our friends. So we were able to get some shots as they left Kristen did a "Father of the Bride" final hug with her dad.....and cue the #finaltears.