"Spring" Family Session

HA! Spring? What is spring??!?!?! Here in Illinois we have had the never ending winter and I am sick of having the kids inside!!! Luckily spring has finally defended and my kids are currently outside, shirtless, playing in the hose because it's 67 degrees and we waited soooo long for it. Whatev, I can blog. Go nuts kids!

We have done family pictures around Cole's birthday the past couple years which means, it's kinda chilly. Usually we at least have a few buds or green but this year, nada. So we decided to shoot downtown Lasalle with some colorful walls and such. Since it was 35 with a fierce wind, we tried to keep them in the sun as much as possible which is a little different than our typical backlit photos but I love how they look and I just love this family. :)

Mary Morris