Starved Rock Proposal Utica, IL

(It's starting to look like we don't go anywhere else so I better get posting some other weddings. We do shoot all over Illinois, we have just had a lot at Starved Rock lately!) 

 When Travis called me to ask if we could come take some photos of his proposal, I wondered if our photo ninja skills were up to the task. We had it all planned out and we were going to be back a ways playing with our kids, totally unnoticeable. And then it POURED last night and our spot was flooded. So they had to basically walk right up to us so we said hi and I pretended to get the kids ready to leave while they ventured towards the waterfall. But it was perfect and adorable and I am so excited for these two.

That last picture was from the stairs as we were leaving. I took the kids so Seth could take a shot. I just love the excitement and emotion in these photos. It was seriously so fun to do this. I know a couple other great shots to propose if you are looking for a good idea and a ninja photographer-give us a shout! Congrats again to Travis and Alexa!!