The Haight Elgin Wedding Loft :: Elgin Northwest Chicago Wedding Photographer

I looked at the Haight's website after I spoke with Jenn about her wedding and from that moment, I was so excited to see how it was going to look. And it didn't disappoint. 

We had the perfect fall day there yesterday. That's right. Yesterday. Look at me, blogging away despite a one year old getting teeth and a crazy double wedding weekend. BUT I love these pictures and instead of just uploading to Facebook (my normal MO) I decided to throw them up here. This isn't a full preview (as you can see from other posts) but I picked out more than 5 which is my Facebook number. So here are a few pictures from Brian & Jenn's beautiful fall wedding. 

They both got ready at the Marriot and we were going to try to have the first look at the riverwalk but that was kinda a crazy plan so we found a pretty spot and met at the hotel and then went together to the river. I love this shot took of their moment together through the trees. And then we went to to the Walton Island Park in Elgin. 

We  had so much fun. And I just loved that cathedral veil. The wind was perfect for having a little fun with it. And we didn't lose it in the river, so WIN WIN!

Here is a funny example of the evolution of a pose. I love the order of these. You can see how I work through the poses. 

So then we were done and headed back to the Haight. BUT WAIT, I have another idea. This happens waaaaaay too often. But it was worth it. Silhouette for the score. 

Ok so NOW we're headed back to the Haight. For real, this venue is super cool. It is a loft venue with a great atmosphere and a super friendly staff....and christmas lights. A photographer's soulmate. Now, normally, I don't post a lot of pictures of stuff. We take pictures of stuff but it is not our forte and it is not our focus. We are not editorial photographer's. But Jenn's design was amazing and truly looked like a page in a magazine. 

The ceremony was beautiful & so sweet. I have more to post from that (and plenty more detail photos) but I will just say that I am so happy these two found each other and then found us. We were so happy to spend the day with you and your family & friends. And way to dance. You really set the tone of the party. Brides & Grooms-DANCE AT YOUR WEDDING! :) Love to you both. Enjoy your honeymoon!