Those Libmans...

If you were to scroll back a year of posts, you'd find a post about the Libmans. Seth and I fell in love with the Libmans. They are such a loving family and really just embody all that Seth and I want to create with our kids. And to be the photographer for a second Libman wedding was truly an honor. (We have a THIRD Libman wedding on the calendar and I might have gotten overly excited about that this week!!!) 

Anyway, trying not to repeat myself too much, you can read a little about how perfect Nate & Connie are together in my Jimmer post from their engagement session. After getting to know Connie and seeing her interaction with Jimmer, we were SO ANXIOUS to meet her family. We already knew Jimmer's family was off the charts but what were the Jacobsons like?!?! This question plagued us and we were so ready to see the people who shaped Connie into the amazing person she is. WELL--THE JACOBSONS DID NOT DISAPPOINT. This wedding really brought together two amazing families with such love and affection and joy and all around goofiness that we were in heaven. I love looking through these pictures and re-living the day and I AM JUST THE PHOTOGRAPHER. (Slash friend-I mean really. I have basically forced my way into their inncer circle.) But I hope they cherish these photos from this perfect day forever. 

We started with getting ready. In this blog, I'm just going to give you a little behind the scenes look at what I see and why I shoot as I do.

Most blog entries and posts I see from photographers look like this:

They are usually accompanied by some sort of "It's all in the details." type of quote. Well, I that's just not me. Your wedding day is not in the shoes. The flowers. The invitations with greenery and ribbon. If you are looking for a photographer to get awesome shots of those things, that's fine but it's not me. #sorrynotsorry My view (and our photography) is not in "the stuff". It's the people. Here are the pictures I want to take: Connie showing off her socks, her mom entering the room to applause for bringing her A game in that gorgeous sparkling dress, the ladies laughing and having a moment before the day gets going. I guess my line would be "It's all in the relationships." but that's not as catchy and it definitely won't get me featured in a magazine article for BRIDES mag. It will be the pictures that you look back and see and love and cry happy tears remembering. That's my goal anyway. That being said, I do take photos of the stuff and I think using personal details DOES enhance the feeling for your wedding day making it all about you. I don't blog a lot of them. :)

One of my pet peeves is moms who don't want to be in pictures. Don't get me started on that because I will lecture you, random mom on the internet. But I love when moms stay close to the bride like Connie's mom. Then I can get a shot without her if I want and one with her. I always tell moms that they are supposed to be in the pictures. Most brides WANT their moms in the getting ready photos and trust me when I say brides whose mothers are no longer with us would give anything for their mom to be lingering in the background while they are putting on earrings. So Moms- GET IN THE PICTURE. :) We also brought in dad for a special look and it was so lovely to see this family loving on their Connie. Again, we were so ready to see this family in action and they were everything we knew they'd be and more. 

Meanwhile Nate was down the hall and Seth (eventually) found him and took some shots of him getting ready with his wonderful family. I can tell you there were a LOT of laughing pictures. Classic Libman.

Then Seth and Jimmer headed to Blumen Gardens in Sycamore. Yes Nate is with Seth. No one panic. :) Connie and I headed over and had a first look and some pictures around the venue. I don't even know if I can caption these. It was so fun and we were basically belly laughing the entire time. These two just have a love that is infectious and makes you fall in love a little more. They are buoyant. They keep everyone up. I don't know how to describe it better. They are the best kind of people. They bring joy to your soul. And they love each other deeply. When I see their families, I know why and how. They come from love and they will continue to love. Particularly in the world today and this week, I need to remember that there are people and families like these ones.

The laughing pictures just get me every time. Some of my favorite pictures we took all year. 

The next I just HAVE to post. I asked my Facebook friends who I have photographed to post their favorite picture and Connie posted one of these. I.was.dying. The instructions were for Jimmer to look off one way and Connie to whisper in his ear BUT SHE WENT ROGUE.

But I love it! Someday as their kids look back at these pictures, they will just sigh and say, "That is so mom." Couple more pictures and we went back inside to warm up and grab the gang. I am posting this picture that Seth took of Nate because Seth won the "who took the best picture" contest. That being said, Seth took this one hand and one footed because his other hand and foot were blocking MY SHOT. Still, Jimmer does look pretty handsome so Seth wins.

Blumen Gardens is a beautiful place and has so many spots for pictures even when we are making inappropriate jokes and letting the guys pose themselves with big tree sculpture things.....

So since I talked them up SO MUCH, I just have to introduce you to the families of these wonderful people. And if either of these parents decide to write a book on parenting and/or building relationships WE ARE ALL BUYING ONE.

Ok so there IS a picture of Nate and Connie with the kids of everyone look at the camera, but sheesh, look at him looking at that baby. If that doesn't just get you in the gut, you just gotta get outta here. I just can't wait to take this picture with their kids someday. Until then, they are such a happy auntie and uncle to these munchkins. 

Ok time to get yourself a wife, son.....Mr. & Mrs. Comin' atycha....

The reception area inside Blumen is a beaut with christmas lights everywhere. A photographer's dream spot. Normally, I don't blog all these picture and I am TRYING TO CUT DOWN posting so many but I can't stop today. The toasts were so beautiful and the love was just all encompassing. 

Here are a couple of my favorite candid. My shot and Seth's and my shot of Grandpa. Man I love a happy grandpa. :)  

Let me just give you a small piece of advice: DANCE AT YOUR WEDDING. Even if you aren't a dancer. Just dance with your spouse at your wedding. For a little bit even and not just for picture's sake (although it helps) and not just because it gets everyone else to dance (but it does) but because you just got married. You will only be this young and this new in the marriage ONCE. Dance. Celebrate. Be with each other. Also I mean, if you can recite every lyric to Ice Ice Baby, YOU SHOULD. 

Well, I'm so glad to have met these two and their families and I am so excited to celebrate another Libman wedding next year! I know I went way over my word and picture limit on this one but I just couldn't stop and trust me there so many more pictures and stories from the day that I could tell. We are honored to be chosen by you and families like these to capture precious memories and relationships and moments together. This post is so long because it truly embodies what we strive to accomplish with our photography business. We hope you feel the love and go out and love others. Let's make a world safe and sound for our children to celebrate their own marriages and start families with joy and hope. 

Mary Morris