Starved Rock Fall

We had a CRAZY year. Have I said that every post? I'm so far behind in posting BUT everyone got their pictures and that was my priority. That being said, I have been anxious to show them off because I am loving all of our weddings and sessions this year. 

This wedding was awesome. Super awesome. We had a great list of vendors and a beautiful day and even though it was still so green this fall, it looked beautiful.

Vendor shout out: Hair and/or Makeup- Makeup: Brianna Camille. Hair
Florist- Christopher Mark Fine Flowers
Wedding planner or decor- Suez Linens
DJ- Music by Design
Cake- Mo- Starved Rock Lodge Baker

We met Christie & Brian last fall for their engagement session in Chicago, which was hilarious because there was a bizarro couple in the same outfits, who looked similar, running around Lincoln Park getting engagement pictures too. We spend the hour just laughing and goofing around and it was so fun. 

Fast forward to the wedding. Christie and I had been emailing back and forth making timelines, planning the day & using lots of exclamation points!!!!!!! We were so excited. The day arrived,  I grabbed my camera, went up to the Hennipin room at Starved Rock Lodge, walked into the room, and Christie's eyes fill up with tears and she exclaimed, "Mary is here. It's really happening." It made me feel so good that she was excited to see me and that my presence enhanced her feelings that day. She got dressed and ready to go meet Brian and read a letter from him. I love when you write letters to each other. I particularly love when you read them right before you see each other. 

We shoot at the lodge. A LOT, as you avid readers can see. While that is a huge advantage that we know all the spots that work, we also try to switch it up every now and again. We have done a handful of first looks on the bridge, but we tried that again at this wedding. It was so sweet and then we wandered around the lodge and went down to our little wedding cove to take a few pictures. 

Then we grabbed the wedding party. This crew was fun. We play little games and do silly things to get everyone interacting and having fun. It doesn't always produce a perfect shot, but that's kinda the point. We will take one of everyone looking at the camera cheesin', but that's not really the shot that I want. I want ones with genuine smiles and laughs that show your relationship with your friends. 

This is something I started doing this summer with the attendants. I LOVE IT! I am obsessed with these pictures because I really love the emotion and fun. I have always done a picture with each attendant but I just rolled through them. Now I try to give each attendant a moment alone with the bride or groom. It's fun to and I hope they all treasure having these pictures. 

Time to get married. Seth is always at the front and I am at the back during the processional. As the bride gets to the front, I move up a little bit to take a few shots. I really love that I got Christie's parents hugging as she joins her groom to begin their marriage. Those are the moments I truly look for at every wedding and they are far more important to me than pictures of the stuff, which is another reason that I post them and point them out. Don't hire me to take pictures of your shoes. :)

The reception was so fun and the speeches were hilarious. The draping from Suez Linens was beautiful, as usual. And let me just say, DANCE AT YOUR WEDDING. Even if just for one song, be together on the dance floor. Every wedding photographer will thank you. :) 

Thanks Christie and Brian for choosing us and having such a great time with us. We had been looking forward to your wedding and it did not disappoint. What a thrill! We hope you enjoy the pictures for years to come!