The Danada House

So I'm trying to catch up here so let's throw it back to a September wedding at The Danada House . It is one of my FAVORITE venues. It's beautiful at every turn. Then you throw in this couple and this wedding dress and you have perfection. 

The couple met at the hotel before heading over the the house. It ended up being perfect for these Cubs fans meeting in front of the big ivy wall. 

So then we headed over to the Danada House and had some bridal party pictures. This bridal party was HUGE. One of the biggest! But thankfully everyone paid attention and were super great during picture time. It's hard to organize and pose big groups but I like the challenge!

So once I get the bridal party pictures done, I dismiss them so we can focus on the couple. I like their attention to be solely on each other. Hard to do that with 25 people watching. So the bridal party went inside and we had some time to wander the grounds and let Laura & Rich spend some time together. 

The Danada House is beautiful and the reception area is so pretty! This was a pretty rocking party!!